What You’re Good At vs What you Like to Do

Jake and I were talking about work the other day. I kept wondering,
what’s more important: to work with something you’re good at or to do
work that you like to do?

I think some of this point is a bit moot. Generally, if you’re really
good at something, you must enjoy it at least a little bit or you
wouldn’t have been able to become that good at it. And if you truly love
doing something, you’ll eventually get good at it. Or, at least, better
than mediocre.

However, there are real case examples where I might be really good at
something but it’s not my passion. And I could be really passionate
about something that I am just not that great at. Even if I am above
mediocre. Is that good enough? Will I constantly struggle and always get
frustrated? Should I just stick to what I know best for my job and make
the other my “hobby”?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this one.

1 comment to What You’re Good At vs What you Like to Do

  • What an Awesome Blog ! and your Life album is Stunning. Well from just looking at your Blog I can tell that the Arts are a passion for you- and that you are Extremly good at it !!!!!!!!

    I feel that in our jenre art can be imitated but when your able to see a persons soul thru their work that is what truly sets them apart. Looking at your work Im moved by what I see.

    Warmly , Norma Kennedy

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