A Book a Week – The Great Gatsby

I read The Great Gatsby before the movie came out. (Yes, this review is a bit late.) I hadn’t read it since high school and didn’t remember any of the story at all. I knew I wanted to watch the movie and I wanted to make sure I reread it before I saw the movie.

I actually listened to it on audio which allowed me to “read” it while I was driving around. And while I liked the storytelling and the visuals and even the interesting characterization, I didn’t actually like any of the characters (maybe except the narrator) and I really didn’t care much for the story and how it ended.

It didn’t make me feel so great about the people in the story. And even about justice.

Alas, a lot of the classics aren’t really “happy” stories, are they?

2 comments to A Book a Week – The Great Gatsby

  • I reread it, too (although I decided against seeing the movie) and had some of the same thoughts! I didn’t like the characters or even the plot – maybe that’s why I couldn’t remember it even though we read it in high school! :>)

  • Mel

    I love your honesty. I felt the same way about the book. I guess I am glad I read it not really bothered about seeing the film I probably saw the Robert Redford version when I was younger. Love you book reveiws. x

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