Gratitude Journal – Week 21

Here’s this week’s gratitudes and celebrations:


it says: choose to grow even when it’s hard.

and here’s what the page looks like with all the gratitudes and celebrations:

Just another excuse to create art and remember the present that is my life.

Gratitude Journal is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal other details here.

10 comments to Gratitude Journal – Week 21

  • Gypsy

    Hi Karen- I can’t see the second part with the gratitudes either in my email or on the site on Firefox or chrome. I think the picture link is broken and I’m just letting you know.
    PS It looks amazing if you can’t see the bottom of the trunk as I couldn’t in my email it looks like the most incredible flower- I was wowed when I opened it up!

  • Kelly

    Would you be willing to make a replica of this as a special order 6 x6? I would buy it sight unseen!

  • This is just so beautifully done , I am trying to do my own hand drawn version and will put it up once I feel I get it right.
    I agree we all will always grow xxx

  • Britt

    Wow this is amazing i found it when looking for ideas for my art journal was wondering war u used paint or oil pastels it just looks so smooth.

  • Denise DellaPorta

    Hi Karen,
    This is exquisite! I do a lot of retreat work with youth and we often do art reflection projects. Do you ever make your templates avaialble for purchase? Not everyone is in touch with their inner artist yet and some are really intimidated by the blank page. To have a book or pages to purchase to make their own and add color and design would be such a gift! Let me know I’d love to talk to you more about it and explore possibilities.

  • Hi,

    I run a charity in England called Shine Youth which works with bereaved teenagers to support them in their grief. Would you give your permission for us to use this as a template for those we work with to use to process their feelings and elements to commemorate about their deceased loved one? It is really beautiful. Specifically, I’d love to have your permission to include it in a workbook we are putting together for an 8 week Bereavement Support Course we are going to be running. We would of course credit you.

    Many thanks, Cheryl Hawkins

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