The Savor Project 2013 – Week 30

and here’s this week:

I have a bunch of pages from Turkey so I will share them two at a time.

these are all from Bodrum, Turkey.

See you next week!

The Savor Project is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my goal and other details here.

3 comments to The Savor Project 2013 – Week 30

  • dawn

    Karen, these pictures are so awesome and gorgeous!! I’m so glad your including extra in your Savor Project! Just seeing these has me wishing mine had turned out so cute like yours.

    A nice idea maybe would be for you to make a mini album of your trips back home. One special album the boys could look thru and see all the fun and family that love them. Or maybe a mini one for each boy. Just a thought!
    Do you frame some of these pictures, I would want them all framed. Having these around would make you so happy and great for the boys too.
    Thanks again for inspiring and making me smile this morning!

    LOVE LOVE the postcard below and the saying is what I tell myself daily. LOVE IT!

  • LPellegrino

    Love your photos! They tell a beautiful story.

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