Weekly Digital Downloads – Tree Dates Set

This week’s download is a set of numbers designed for those of you doing Ali Edwards’ December Daily. (I am doing it, too!) Here are some examples of what’s in there:

You can also use the trees like a layered template like this:

You can download it here: tree dates set download.

You are welcome to play with these as much as you want and use them anywhere you’d like. You are NOT allowed to sell them ever. You don’t have to but I’d appreciate a link back if you do use them.

This is part of a weekly digital download series. They are posted every Wednesday. You can find all of the ones that were posted here.

21 comments to Weekly Digital Downloads – Tree Dates Set

  • Lisa

    These are great, Karen! Thanks for sharing! I love your December Daily. I’m doing mine all digi this year so that I can get it done, but I know I’ll miss the texture. Yours is beautiful.

  • I love these, Karen!!! Thank you. I really hope I get around to making a December Daily tis year. If I do, these will definitely be used!

  • Beautiful! thanks again.

    I have plans to do a December daily… but struggle with having three children making it fair for them all.

    Maybe I should just show stuff instead?

  • Lisa

    Karen these are fantastic – love them so much. Thanks. You are so generous.

  • Karen, these are fantastic, and I really want to use them for my Christmas journal. Can you share a bit more about the layering? Love the texture of the blue ones.

  • karen

    sherry, i will try to do a tutorial this week on how to do that, ok? really pretty easy, i swear πŸ™‚

    stefanie, i don’t know if it helps but just think how much better it is to have one book rather than no books. I don’t really think your kids will worry too much about how fair it was (or wasn’t) my sister has a LOT more photos than I do of her childhood and I am still happy I have some and I like seeing hers too…jmho.

  • Monica Robinson

    Karen – these are great! This year I’m attempting the December Daily incorporating it with the Jessica Sprague Holiday book. It’s a free class. I’m a paper scrapper so is this for digital only? Sorry to seem like an idiot but I would love to use them if I could. Thanks!

  • karen

    they are definitely not digital only πŸ™‚ you can print them as you wish. you can even use them on a photo and print the whole thing πŸ™‚

  • This is just absolutely the most gorgeous date I have ever seen — the tree, the numbers, all of it, is just beautiful! Thank you!!!

  • melissa

    I am joining you in reclaiming my time, and on that quest I found you and your digital freebies, and your amazing talent that you are sharing. I LOVE the passion and purpose. GOOSE BUMPS. Thank you!

  • I loved these number trees and did a whole digital daily book (with these trees) for Christmas this year in conjunction with Jessica’s free class. But mine are black because I couldn’t figure out how to color them like you did! So so so pretty! When I did an edit fill, it fills the whole tree and the number. Can you tell us (quickly) how do you did it? Pretty please? I love your downloads, and your daily posts. Thank you for sharing!

    • karenika

      of course πŸ™‚

      When you do the fill, a new window pops up, in that window on the bottom, there’sa checkmark with “preserve transparency” written on it. Make sure it’s checked and you’re golden! πŸ™‚

  • Karen – I did a regular fill (with the box preserve transparency checked) and it fills the whole shape in, but I played a bit tonight and if I select the shape with the magic wand first, then choose edit and fill, it doesn’t fill in the number with color. Perhaps it’s a version difference (I’m on CS3) or maybe I have a setting changed that I don’t know about. Either way you have led me to figure it out. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

  • oh yes, it’s a png, I checked that first. I am pretty new at this so maybe it’s a setting I have, or something in CS3. I didn’t see comments where anyone else had issues (which leads me to believe it’s a user error…haha).
    I really do appreciate the freebies that you share, I think they’re wonderful! thank you again!

  • Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • StephM

    These are adorable! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  • blurooferika

    THanks, Karen. THese are such fun?

  • Mari

    Thank you. These are great.

  • jen shears

    Thanks so much- these are so pretty!! πŸ˜€

  • Deena

    Oh my! Why have I not seen your blog until this day????? Your digital downloads are awesome!! Thank you sooooo much! Looks like I have a lot of unzipping files to do now! Thanks again–your blog is now added to my favorites!

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