everything is different

still having fun with the fashion-y girls but I am feeling unmotivated in general. not sure if it means anything or that i should just give myself permission to rest more.

here are all the shiny bits.

the quote says:

isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different. -c.s. lewis

There’s nothing that makes this quite as acutely clear as being a mom. I look at the photos of my children and ponder how they got so big so quickly. Just yesterday they were tiny. Day by day, it feels like the change is so small, so incremental, and yet there are these moments where I look at them and they take my breath away. Especially David, sometimes he already looks like the teenager he will soon be. How is it possible that so much has changed without my realizing? How is it that time has passed so quickly?

I also feel like this is such a good reminder for getting up and doing the work daily. Exercising, doing art, eating well, learning a new language, whatever your thing is, doing a little every day amounts to so much. Days pass and you feel like what you do makes such a small difference and like you’re not progressing at all but then, one day, you realize that you can run without feeling out of breath. You’re craving the healthy food and not the chocolate. Ok, maybe that one will never happen, but the point is still valid. Little changes add up. Life changes even while you’re not paying attention and the important thing to realize is that if you’re intentional about the things you do, the choices you make, you will wake up one morning and your life will be exactly what you’ve intended all along.

I don’t know what our lives will be like 10 years from now. David will hopefully be in college and Nathaniel will be almost done with highschool. So many things will happen in the meantime. I have no idea how things will turn out. But I do know that everything will be different. And I know that the change will happen one day at a time. It will seem like nothing at the time.

And I know that all the little, tiny choices I make every moment will end up having a huge impact on what that change looks like. The tiny choices will accumulate.

So here’s to hoping I choose wisely.

2 comments to everything is different

  • Maria

    So very true, and time will pass whether you do the things you want to do and enjoy as much as you can so in 10 years I would rather look back and think I lived my life the way I wanted instead of having a lot of regrets.

  • Jana

    I’m a little emotional reading this because it’s so true I see myself sad sometimes to see my son grow which I shouldn’t because he is healthy but I think deep down the fact that he has special needs scares me that he is growing and society will be harsh to him. But I strive everyday to make him truly happy thanks for this post.

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