Weekly Digital Downloads – Call for Requests

If you like my weekly digital downlaods and want me to continue them in 2010, I need a list of ideas. I seem to be running out of ideas and can’t find inspiration lately. So I need your help. Please leave me a comment with ideas of what you might like. Feel free to give links to images or other places where you can show me what you mean.

I can’t promise anything since some of these might be well beyond my photoshop skills and I won’t touch anything that’s copyright. But I promise I will do my best to accommodate you.

Thank you for all the comments you leave on my downloads and I am so glad you enjoy them. It makes me so happy just to know that.

42 comments to Weekly Digital Downloads – Call for Requests

  • sally

    Thank you ever so much for all the great downloads, and your helpful photography/camera info. I hope you are feeling better after your recent fall. Merry Christmas

  • Hi Karen,

    I would love some gratitude quote wordart to go along with your new project.

    Thanks for all the great downloads!


  • Karen

    Merry Christmas! I love your downloads, and would love some more of your clean and simple photo overlays with just one word or phrase. I love the ones you made for the Gratitude Blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • jennifer

    I’m new to your site and have just discovered your downloads (thank you so much – they’re amazing and I can’t believe how generous you are to give them away!) Since I’m new, maybe you’ve already done these – but I love any sort of words: life, documenting, photography, love – anything that can help me express what I’m thinking in a new way. Thanks! =)

  • Stefanie

    You are so generous and sweet to allow us to give you some ideas.
    I would love some circles (like you did of the months) with the days of the week, ie all Monday then all Tuesdays etc.

    I am also a great fan of the overlays; striking, simple yet letting the photos shine.
    I love the gratitude ideas too.
    I have seen a Mr Linky feature on other blogs that allows us ton add the URLS of our efforts.

  • Char Griffith

    I love the words. I would like quotes, sayings, and everyday words. I also like the small circle accents with numbers or words in them.


  • Melissa

    I love the circles. Anything with months and dates are always useful.

  • Hey Karen,
    Your digi downloads are awesome.
    Thank you very much for your generosity and for every single one of these digi downloads. (I have used a few on my pages already).

    I hope you will continue being inspired to make and share more digi elements in 2010.
    (ie. text paths, word art, templates, overlay for everyday stuff and special occasions, photo masks…)

    Your blog is very inspiring. Thanks for the “Choosing Joy” post; just what I needed to read.
    Life is good

    Be Happy

  • Debbie

    I LOVE your downloads and your generosity…thanks so much.
    Ideas: Daily “To Does” with a baby: change diaper…feed…laundry..etc
    Pet words in shapes or overlays
    Colors in circles Red…scarlet…crimson Blue…azure…navy etc

  • Sierra

    Word art or overlays for the “down” days. I know it isn’t happy but it is part of scrapping real life. I really like the different jounaling tags too. Thanks for all you hard work!

  • Melissa

    I love your downloads! I’ve just discovered them and can’t wait to use them. I’m always looking for new journaling spots. Also maybe overlays with the days of the week. Some fun to do lists would be great!

  • Christina

    I love your digital downloads. I am learning how to use them slowly. I would love to see more samples of how YOU use them on your photos. Sometimes I just lack inspiration on how to use them. Anyway just a thought. Thanks again for your generousity.

  • Monika Wright

    My oldest is graduating this year, and I would like to gather thoughts from family members, friends and past teachers as he heads off into the world to attend college and find out what life is really like and who he is. Would you have any ideas for a 4×6 template that I would put into a standard photo album? I would like a brush so that each person could write their personal thoughts (or I could e-mail it to them and they could digitally write their thoughts) and then some others for photos of the people who are actually writing their advice to Zach.

    BIG request, I know. If only I could figure this out myself, I wouldn’t have to ask. If you had the time or the inclination, I would be grateful.

    Also, thanks for your e-mail recently about shooting in RAW. I have been practicing shooting in AV mode!

  • I just found your website today through Jessica Sprague’s message board. What a wonderful find! I appreciate your wordart using one word or brief phrase in a variety of sizes, some a bit grungey. Ideas I have include -angel’s wings- flying – tree hugger – baby girl – my family – us – home, I could go on and on I guess. Thanks so much for your work.

  • Thanks so much for all the digital goodness you share so generously. Love reading your blog.

  • Amy

    I love your downloads! Thank you for sharing them. I would love overlays as templates – so that I could clip different papers/photos to the sections and add dates etc. Thanks!

  • Amy

    Ha! Disregard – you already did this – thank you. I will see what I can think of.

  • Christina

    I love your word downloads but am sometimes at a loss what to do with them. Maybe you could have a section where you could show some examples, either yours or other blog readers. Thanks again.

  • Dana Johnson

    I love all of your work! Beautiful, simple, but definitely unlike anything else out there. How about some relationship words–family, brothers, sisters,etc.? Hopefully, I just haven’t missed them if they’re out there already. Also, how about some “me” themes? Finding yourself, express yourself, find your truth, etc.?

    Thanks for all that you do!

    I used one of your designs (an “August” circular stamp) for a layout I ended up posting on Designer Digitals. I’ll have to go back and try to link you to it! Thanks!

  • Kim S

    You do awesome work! Thank you!

  • Christina

    It’s me again. I absolutely love your graduation journaling spots. I have a suggestion I hope you don’t mind. I have finally decided to do the Project Life by Becky Higgins. I love that I don’t have to think about page structure and that all I need is in the kit. I will definately incorporate your overlays and journaling blocks into this project.

    I was wondering if there is a way that you could make a few smaller ones as there are 4 6x4ins spaces for photos or journalling spots but there are also 3ins(w) x 4 ins(h) that I would love to use your spots in. I hope I am not being too forward in asking you for this favour.

  • asta

    Thank you for downloads. i love each of them.
    and how about mother? some word art or overlays?

  • Thanks so much for the freebies. I don’t always download but today was looking for some individual picture overlays and remembered seeing them last year at your site. I came and found them and am so very grateful for your willingness to share your creativity ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would love to see more individual photo overlays with friend-centric words or sayings on them (“I will cherish this moment forever” is a little too intense for my “don’t hug me” BFF, know what I mean? Have one of those people in your life? lol).

    Stuff like: friends; friendship; fun/good times; treasured moment; cut loose; friends are family we choose. That sort of thing ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Jesa

    Thank your so much for sharing your digital goodies. I look forward to reading your blog daily. What about overlays, journal cards or something similar with vintage, photography, or botanical flowers. Also it would be great to have journaling cards to document a parent’s childhood so that one day our children can read about how our life was growing up. Thank you once again!

  • Thank you for sharing these overlays. Some ideas…maybe girls-night-out overlays like “sassy” “diva” “shopaholic” or something to that effect. Also, perhaps some monograms.

    Thanks again. Your work is wonderful.

  • Diane

    Thank you Karen for all you do creating and sharing these digital downloads! They are all awesome and I can’t wait to use them. I don’t know if you’re still looking for new ideas, but… One type of item I’m always looking for is something that will fit with my teenaged sons. Grungy, funky, skateboarding, biking, video-gaming, but surprisingly, not sports. TIA!

  • Hi all, iยดm from spain so my english is not that superb. Please dont blame me. I read online journals to make my english better and i just want to say that your blog was perfect readable for me, because the english is really clear-thinking and all the article are perfect readable. I will come back, to improve my english even more. Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Denise

    Just found your site and am downloading away! I’d love to see some “flags” that are popular now — you know, the triangular ones that you can drape on the top of a page?

  • Yan

    I would love some icons/stamps/whatever they may be called of cameras. All different types of cameras—dslr, retro vintage cameras, point and shoots, clip art kind of look. Thanks! I love your overlays, just learnt how to use them. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

  • Anon

    Hi there,

    I just found your site today and LOVE LOVE it!! I am beginning a hybrid project life project and will greatly enjoy using the downloads as overlays on the photos and for journaling cards.
    thank you so much

    there are a number of links that don’t work… I personally would love to come back if they were fixed

    btw – I also think that your new artwork would lend itself well to a really funky “project life” digital kit (standard sized art and journal cards that could printed on 8.5 x 11 sheets would work best for someone who isn’t too technically savvy)

    again thank you soo much for the treats
    enjoy your week


    • karenika

      Diana, which links don’t work? If you try them directly from the site they should all work. please let me know if you find one that doesn’t and i can fix it ๐Ÿ™‚ they don’t seem to all work from the RSS feed for some reason but they should all work from the site.

      thank you so much for your kind words ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kathi Z

    Just found your site/work…love everything I’ve seen so far. Not sure if I’ve found everything yet…but love to see stuff with cameras on it and those types of quotes…captured, documented…etc.
    Thanks so much!

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