Weekly Reflection 2017 – 01

Three ways I shone this week:

  • One: I worked really hard this week to get a bunch of logistical tasks out of the way so my teams can move forward.
  • Two: I tried to be patient and kind to my son when he was struggling. Not sure if this counts as I find these moments are never the perfect way I wish they were. I am flawed and say as many wrong things as I say “right,” so I walk away unsure of how much they helped.
  • Three: I have been working on nourishing myself more and better.

I celebrate: getting back into the groove of life even though i wasn’t sure I was ready.
I am grateful for: having a three-day workweek this week. it made the transition a bit easier.
I nourished myself by: eating a lot more vegetables this week. especially spinach. i love spinach.
Reflecting on my worries: i worried that it would be a disaster going back to work. i would be disconnected, things wouldn’t come back to me, etc. it didn’t happen. i love my job and was able to come in and be impactful pretty quickly. what’s funny is that i was worried about this and it didn’t happen but a bunch of stuff I didn’t think to worry about did happen and this is just another proof that i need to stop worrying so much because it doesn’t actually help.
I let go of: my email. i didn’t even bother to try to read all my mail from December. I might never get to.
Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love): 

  1. I made several bold moves at work this week, trying to make sure i could get better connected to some of my teams. i was scared but it worked out okay, i am proud of myself.
  2. I had some moments this week that required more equanimity than I usually can pull off. I had mixed results. Sometimes i wasn’t able to contain myself and yelled despite the fact that I didn’t want to. Other times, I held my tongue but only for a while and then exploded. Neither was great. But I did succeed in a few instances too. So maybe it’s like 3 steps forward, 2 steps back?
  3. I have been doing a pretty good job on nourishment. It’s been extremely hard to break habits (but also eye-opening of course.)
  4. And love. Well, I’ve had more grumpy moments than I’d like to admit. I’ve realized that when I am rushing, I am not at my best (is this really surprising??)

What made me laugh this week: my book, Learning to Swear in America. It was great. Also The Middle, TV show. And of course my boys who really love Calvin and Hobbes so much.
What I tolerated this week: getting up early. i don’t like having to wake up at 6. I wish it were 7. also giving up coke zero and my latte.
My mood this week was: some really low moments but some high ones filled with gratitude.
I forgive myself for: being less than my perfect self at least in three major incidents this week. once to david, once to nathaniel and once to Jake. It seems I covered the whole list 🙁 Graciously, they all forgave me, so now it’s my turn to forgive myself.
What I love right now: I still really love my Christmas tree. I am not ready to take it down. Is that awful? I told myself I get one more week but a part of me wishes I could have the shimmer all year long.

Week one is over already. Here’s to a wonderful week two!

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