Weekly Reflection 2017 – 16

Three ways I shone this week: I will say that while I started the week strong, I basically didn’t really shine the rest of this week. The kids had no school on Monday so we went out, we spent quality time together and I still had some quiet time. But on Tuesday I went to work and the not-good news I was already expecting greeted me and sort of put a damper on my week, even though I’d been anticipating it. Here’s to remembering that mourning in advance doesn’t help not being sad when the news is indeed what I feared it would be. Anyhow. I basically took the time I needed for myself (and am still doing so) to feel what I need to feel here. I did all the regular things I am committed to but I also let myself mourn. Maybe that’s the way I chose to shine this week, by being in my truth.

Things I wanted to get Done: I didn’t get too much done this week to be honest.

  • I did finish buying Nathaniel’s birthday presents though they still need wrapping and his birthday is tomorrow.
  • I also bought all the bits for the gift bags for his party.
  • I finished my shine cards.
  • I didn’t figure out a plan for our Sydney vacation but I emailed a friend who can help me.
  • I didn’t book a stitch of summer camps. I know this is a bad thing. I got a gift certificate for Nathaniel for one and I have ideas for both kids but I booked nothing. 
  • I delivered both of the books.
  • I did not send the newsletters.
  • I just sent an email to check on school payments

I celebrate: a wonderful breakfast that lasted 3+ hours with a new friend

I am grateful for: a short hike we took on Saturday. Loved being in nature, loved seeing the kids run around.

I nourished myself by: mostly resting this week. letting myself feel what i feel.

Reflecting on my worries: bad news did indeed continue but i survived it and despite feeling down, i feel very supported and i am not ready to give up just yet. i didn’t journal (except to write the shine cards) and i got some done but not a lot. but it’s all ok. i remembered the books. it was mostly a blah week with some wonderful moments and i’ve learned that life is always some ups and some downs. may the downs not be really bad news even if it means the ups have to be moderate, too.

I let go of: being fake. i decided to just own who i am. always. more on this tomorrow.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: trying was bold. i am grateful i did.
  • mindful: allowing myself to feel the pain and sadness and being mindful of it.
  • nourish: i’ve ordered a lot more fresh veggies this week, i am hoping it will lead to more nourishment.
  • love: despite being sad, i know that i have an exceptional life. i am grateful for every minute of it. and i felt so much love from so many people this week. thank you.

What made me laugh this week: my new friend and i did a lot of laughing.
What I tolerated this week: sadness, vagueness, and not knowing what comes next.

My mood this week was: quietly sad.
I forgive myself for: feeling sad despite all the wonderful things in my life.
What I love right now: flowers on my desk.

Here’s to a wonderful week seventeen!

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