Weekly Reflection 2017 – 17

How I shone this week: I did a really good job turning things around in my head this week and changing my perspective. I showed up, I listened, I did a relatively good job of balancing between work and home. I showed up for work, I showed up for my kiddos, I showed up even for jake a little bit!

I’ve been thinking a little about how to think differently. Evaluating things in my life. I think it’s been too long since I took stock (I know this sounds ridiculous since I take stock all the time but while I take stock of the day to day, I don’t always take stock of the big things I commit to around work, how I spend personal time, how I volunteer at the kids’ school, how i spend time with kids, how I spend time with Jake, how we spend time as a family, how I spend time with friends, etc. So my plan tomorrow is to break these down a bit and really consider how to spend my time since of course how I spend my time is how I spend my life. 

Things I wanted to get Done: 

  • I so wrapped  Nathaniel’s presents and got ready and did the party. woot!
  • No dent (went teeny tiny dent) in Sydney plans and no dent in hotels. maybe this week?
  • I totally helped David with his journal and they won best journal award, woot!
  • I booked some of the kids’ summer camps. I still have to book two for David and one for Nathaniel, but progress!
  • I did not send newsletters, boo!

I celebrate: Great support at work, Nathaniel’s birthday, David’s TTC being over and their award. Good week!

I am grateful for: my boys. so so grateful.

I nourished myself by: resting this week. I tried to sleep as much as possible and took advantage of no meeting week which meant no working at night.

Reflecting on my worries: i am working on figuring a way forward, it will likely continue to be vague but i am not ready to give up yet. nathaniel’s party was lovely. david’s team did struggle but they still did great. i was semi-unproductive all week but i am ok with that. i am working on letting go. i didn’t journal – i need to think about why- but i did eat well and give myself grace. I am not where i’ve been, i am taking steps forward.

I let go of: hanging on to things. it’s a work in progress but i am working at it.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: i have been bold all week, taking chances, trying and trying.
  • mindful: i am still mindful of what i feel and i am also mindful of how i am spending my days, my thoughts, my energy.
  • nourish: the veggies did indeed result in better nourishment for all of us!
  • love: i feel so much love for my family and life this week. so grateful to be here, now, and in this life.

What made me laugh this week: my whole family made me laugh yesterday on the way back from the museum, mostly cause I was so incredibly tired and they were giving me a hard time but we laughed and laughed.
What I tolerated this week: several trips to work and a really really long saturday!

My mood this week was: restful, thoughtful and at times worried but also grateful.
I forgive myself for: being irrational at times. i’m working on it.
What I love right now: i still love the flowers on my desk!! but also the backyard in the lovely weather.

Here’s to a wonderful week eighteen! We are now done with one third of 2017. Here’s onward to a magical two thirds.

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