Weekly Reflection 2017 – 24

How I shone this week: This week felt like it flew by. We had a lot of doctor appointments and a trip to David’s school and then several trips to work and some self-pampering. All in all I feel exhausted but also accomplished and relieved. A chunk of what I was doing at work is finishing. We all had our eyes checked. Finished dentist and orthodontist appointments. Spent a lot of time doing Math with both kids. And I also journaled a lot this week. I am looking forward to a bit of quiet time on the airplane hopefully.

Things I wanted to get Done:  This Saturday I was still bruised from my “not shining” moments so I decided not to work. But I think I still did okay on my todo list. With the exception of exercise, I am doing well.

  • Work:  Not a lot of documenting still but I’ve done more of the planning meetings, data collection, organizing. I did a bit of my plan for the fall but need to do more.
  • Personal: No exercise this week at all. I went to one of the book clubs, prepared my travel journaling, packed all of us, went to mani/pedi.
  • Family: Took photos! Didn’t register David yet but got him setup for deciding. Will wait a bit longer. Did all the doctor appointments. wohoo! 

I celebrate: being almost in vacation mode!

I am grateful for: the journaling, the trip, my family.

I nourished myself by: taking some time for my mani/pedi/hair and spending lovely time with the kiddos.

Reflecting on my worries: ready or not, i am leaving for Sydney tonight. Hopefully I didn’t drop anything on the floor 🙂

I let go of: worrying for the sake of worrying this week. 

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: i did journal a bunch about this, still exploring what it means to be bold outside of work.
  • mindful: mindful of our vacation and how/what I want to do with my family.
  • nourish: right now i think i need sleep the most. i need to change my eating habits so I can get better sleep.
  • love: i love my family so much and will miss them a lot while i am gone.

What made me laugh this week: book club and nathaniel and a lot of laughing at work this week.

What I tolerated this week: several extra trips to work, especially on thursday, i went in for an hour.

My mood this week was: flowing. 
I forgive myself for: not getting it all right.
What I love right now: sitting in the backyard and listening to the birds sing at this moment. I am about to leave summer for winter so I am enjoying the few hours I have left for a while.

Here’s to a lovely week 25. We are almost halfway through the year. It both feels like it flew by and feels like we still have a lot of it left! Enough to get plenty done!

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