Weekly Reflection 2017 – 28

How I shone this week: Woohooo! I did well this week. I did math with both of my kids for hours and tucked the little boy in bed every night, and supported David through a long test. I supported Jake with bouncing ideas for an exciting opportunity he has this week. I exercised and ate well every day. I showed up at work, in person, and tried really hard as much as possible and then let it go when it was time to sleep. I went to the dentist. I went to the blood lab to check my basic stats. I showed up again and again. 

Things I wanted to get Done:

  • Work: can’t say i caught up on email, i basically archived all. i didn’t document anything yet. i did setup the sheets and meetings. I didn’t do q2 closing yet or phase 2 of data. I am hoping i will do the posters today. 
  • Personal: I didn’t do OLW july but I think i want to make a project out of it, so I might wait till next weekend. I did exercise and eat well but didn’t check in for taxes or schedule PT. I will do those this week.
  • Family: Worked with both D and N on Math, supported him  and Jake. yay!

I celebrate: exercising every day, eating well, i am so grateful.

I am grateful for: getting a bit on track for a bit. jake supporting me so i can go exercise.

I nourished myself by: eating really well and sleeping!

Reflecting on my worries: i exercised. I continued to eat well. I caught up a bit at work. i am starting to get ready for the new cycle. i don’t have control on what matters. i am working to make time for me and my knees are just fine!

I let go of: trying to catch up to everything. i’ll get there when i get there.

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: i exercised! I showed up to classes i knew nothing about. 
  • mindful: mindful of the fact that I will run out of hours and need to start getting solid about prioritizing work.
  • nourish: nourishing well now. cooking even!
  • love: i am feeling so much gratitude and love for turning things around a tiny bit. 

What made me laugh this week: This teacher on Friday (Molly) was super nice and made me laugh and laugh.

What I tolerated this week: quite a bit of muscle pain and getting used to the protein powder’s taste.

My mood this week was: aching but grateful.
I forgive myself for: being so out of shape and weak. Not getting more done at work.
What I love right now: i love summer. i love being able to sit in the backyard. i love that the sun is up at 6am. I love the long days. 

Here’s to a lovely week 29. Here’s to keeping things going!

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