Living Intentionally 2017 – 50


Weekly Intention:  This is hopefully my last week working fulltime until 2018. The kids go on break this Friday and I’d like to go on break with them. I really enjoy taking two weeks off during this time of year so I am hoping it will be possible. Here’s to hoping! To that end, my intention is to:

  • Get as much done at work as possible to leave things in a really good state
  • Get rest and enter the holiday season not completely worn down
  • Make some intentional plans for what to do in the next two weeks

Things I want to get Done: Here’s the list for his week.

  • Work: do major round of 2018 planning get it to a good place
  • Work: done with email 
  • Work: do posters
  • Work: get done with matching
  • Work: plan for organizational structure
  • Personal: exercise every week day this week
  • Personal: make sure all 3 meals have a nutritious component
  • Personal: quit coffee
  • Personal: do Conway
  • Personal: do December Daily
  • Personal: do advent of light  
  • Personal: make 2018 plans iteration 3 + journal
  • Personal: Continue with the new scrapping/storytelling system. 
  • Family: take photos!
  • Family: Math with D and Python with N
  • Family: finish christmas shopping!!
  • Family: David’s culmination
  • Family: Holiday Party with Jake
  • Family: Make a plan for the next two weeks.

This month’s intention is:  Shine Slowly: And here it is. The end of one more year. You made it through. Tough times, joyful times. Celebrations and trials. Changes and all. You did it. Time to slow down. Time to make space for the next year. Growth comes after downtime for you. Take this time to store some energy so you can hit the ground running in 2018.

Ways to Shine this week:

  • One: Bold: planning baby, get it done! 
  • Two: Open: open to life without coffee
  • Three: Heal/Nourish: getting some solid sleep this week

I am looking forward to: holiday party and david’s culmination

This week’s challenges: getting through planning. ugh.

Top Goals:

  • Work: still planning 2018.
  • Personal: sleep+exercise+food+journaling. december daily. conway.
  • Family: making a plan for the next two weeks.

I will focus on my core desires (bold, mindful, nourish, love) by: not worrying so much and just getting things done.

This week, I will say yes to: being productive.

This week, I will say no to:  allowing email to pile up.

I am worried that:  i won’t exercise. i’ll eat poorly, make bad choices, not get enough nutrition.  i’ll disappoint the kids or jake. I’ll drop the ball at work. planning won’t be done. I won’t be able to take the following two weeks off. 

This week, I want to remember:  that all i have to do is show up and do the best i can with what i have.

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