Daily Joys – 8

Daily Joys – 8


I decided that I missed writing daily and being able to reflect, but at the same time I don’t really want to write in a very public forum. Or at least not in the same forum that I was writing last year. So for now this is going to be in a closed IG account that just flows into my blog. We’ll see where we take it later this year.

One of the things I’ve started doing this year is to meditate more while I’m sitting in a bath. Today I lit a candle, put some bubbles and put on a meditation. It was a wonderful way to do a body scan and relax.

I’m still resisting the word joy a little bit, but I think that what I am bringing myself back to again and again. Is this sense of easeful joy or joyful ease. Can I cultivate more of that?

Joy of water.

#joyfulease #easefuljoy

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  • Zewa

    That is a very interesting way of habit stacking. Thank you for that inspiration: bathing and body scan. I would hav3 never thought of that.

    Will you continue doing your reflecting posts, like this: daily joys for the general public or your longer reflective posts? To be honest, they are th3 reason why I regularly read here. I enjoy reading what you contemplate and how you grow, the classes you take, what you read and your learnings. And I understand your desire to make this more private.

    As for resisting your chosen word, maybe give it some time to become your friend. You’re just getting to know her – 2nd week of the year 🙂 I am excited how that will play out for you – the rainbow is already a beautiful expression, I think. And how randomly it came to you. Maybe you can continue your practice of saying yes to it.

    Happy 2022

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