Reflecting – July

And here we are, we made it to the end of July. With that, comes the end of the break I’ve been taking from work for the last three months. I am so grateful for this time I’ve had and also grateful for how I spent it.

This months intention was to Invite Joy: Create some adventure. Go places. Do things. Hug your people. Take chances. 

I didn’t actually go anywhere or do much. I did hug my people. I read a lot. I painted a lot. I loved spending my time this way.

Here are some goals I had for July:

  • continue to draw, sketch, paint or do some artistic endeavor as often as I can – done and done
  • try to eat fresh food – i’d say this is mostly done too
  • do most of of HCOTF – i did most of it
  • support N with his camps + classes – i did this though it fell apart a bit
  • support D with essays + driving – did this too, as much as he wanted
  • Journal daily – did this!
  • Read a lot – so much
  • Support J – did this too, to the best of my ability
  • continue medication – done
  • Continue documenting the joy – done
  • Love my people – love them so very much
  • Scrap and OLW – i did both of these
  • Go outdoors, sit outside, be in the sunshine – i didn’t sit outside as much as before, but it’s been ok
  • dive deeper into ease, release, equanimity, space, possibility and see what you might want to do for each. ( still haven’t done this ) – still haven’t done this, not sure what that means
  • remember that it’s all bonus – i have, i’ve remembered this
  • Be ok with not getting much done, rest. – i’ve also rested so very much
  • be in the present moment, don’t count down the days – i would say i’ve also done a reasonably decent job of this
  • Also I got shots for my hip pain. I got the CPAP machine.

I was originally not supposed to have all of July off but my doctor recommended that I do and I am so grateful that she did. It was the right call. I finally feel fully wound down, and optimistic and looking forward to integrating work into my life again. Here’s hoping it’s a positive experience.

I will continue to try take it each one day at a time and look for the joy again and again. Because I know that I already have all I need and want. Everything else is bonus.

I’m ready for you August.

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