Staying Open – May 14

Staying Open – 134

Happy mother’s day to mothers who have little kiddos and are too tired to do anything let alone celebrate. Happy mother’s day to mothers whose kids have grown up and left the house. Happy mother’s day to those who have lost babies, who never could have babies despite wanting them. To single mothers. To mothers raising their grandbabies. To mothers who are mourning their mothers. To mothers who are mothering themselves. Single fathers who are also mothering. To foster mothers. To step mothers. And to so many other kinds of mothers.

Also to those who never wanted babies and are happily not mothers (thank you for not succumbing to peer pressure and doing what is right for you.)

May you all take moments of joy and gratitude today. I see you, I celebrate you and I’m grateful for you.

Thank you to my mama and my sister who are two of the best mothers I know. And thank you to my friends who parent alongside me and help me.

#stayingopen #open

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