Weekly Gratitude – Being the Best Me

Journaling Reads:
I’ve always had issues with the way I look. A lot of it stems from my childhood and I can tell you stories after stories about how my friends made fun of me, how I wore thick glasses, how I was the ugliest one by far, etc. etc.

And while there are several things I am stuck with, like my crooked nose or my sunken eyes, there are also a plethora of things I can change about the way I look. And recently, I decided to do exactly that. I cut and dyed my hair. I put on some jewelry I love. I decided to wear more of what I like and put a little bit makeup, just to make myself happier.

There are also longer-term things I can do like working out more so that my body is shaped better and eating healthier which is good for my skin, too. I can moisturize more and give my skin some of that water it craves. The list goes on and on.

The thing is, while I can’t be someone else, I can be the best me and I can be grateful for what I have and make the most of it and that is my goal now. I can also wear a smile more often because I think a smile is the prettiest thing anyone can wear.

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