You Choose – Week 2

This week’s pick says “be open to whatever comes next.” I loved this the moment I saw it. It has one of my desired feelings “open” and it’s a reminder to be willing to receive. To let go of the need to control. To be open to possibilities. To be open to the wonders of the universe. To be present.

here are some closeups:

here’s to being able to stay open.

You Choose is a project for 2015. You can read more about it here.

2015 Projects – You Choose – Intro and Week 1

I like to spread out my projects by style and medium (as well as topic) each year. So when it came to designing my projects, I wanted to pick something that wasn’t painting or coloring, at least not just painting. The very same week I was thinking about all this, I saw this beautiful collage. It was very sparse, elegant and really beautiful.

I decided that’s what I wanted. A collage project. My last collage project was back in 2012 so I thought it might be fun to tackle one again. Something different than what I did last time. I think….but we’ll see.

The introspective part of this project is to couple this art with my code desires. I went to pinterest and made a board of images/phrases that remind me of my core desires. My plan is to print one for each of my collage pages. This way, I can always remember my core desired feelings.

That’s the plan, at least.

Here’s another look at week 1:

Love all the shimmer.

I am planning to keep my spreads relatively sparse. Mix in some paint. Have fun.

Here’s to a year of collages that remind me to focus on feeling the way I want to feel.