2012 Projects – Journey into Collage

Another brand new project I am trying to tackle for 2012 is called Journey into Collage.

I will admit that I am super-scared even at the idea of collage. Especially when I see the works of Teesha Moore. Most of the collage I’ve seen uses magazines and I don’t have any magazines. I mean none. And I have no intention of getting them. I also don’t believe I am creative enough to make something so unique like she does.

So, even though I’ve considered it on and off, I’ve never really tackled collage. I couldn’t even really define it for you. I just decided somewhere along the line that it wasn’t something I could ever really do.

But then Donna Downey started posting her Collage Monday creations and suddenly it looked fun. It looked like something I might want to tackle, play around with, experiment with. Without buying magazines. Maybe using my scrappy and mixed media stash.

I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to work out, to be honest.

And I’ll be even more honest and tell you I might walk away from this one entirely.

But I am going to give it a try. I’ve already started a Pinterest Board with inspiration. I will be using a Moleskine sketchbook and just taking it one step at a time.

The goals are:
1. Experiment with paper-based collage – see if it’s something I enjoy
2. Find a way to make it meaningful for me
3. Create one page a week.
4. Try different mediums, textures and styles
5. Find a collection of artists who inspire me and whose work I might want to emulate as a starting point

There you go. Pretty simple I know but this one scares me quite a bit.

If you know any collage artists that you like I’d love for you to leave a comment so I can compile a list.

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