Staying Open – March 25


Staying Open – 84


Good news is that my pain is pretty low. I’m very grateful for that and hopefully that means I’m recovering. My sleep is quite choppy and I am tired all the time.

I thought I’d watch a bunch of TV this week since I can’t do anything but I am not interested in anything at all. Ted lasso and shrinking aside nothing at all has held my interest so I am trying to read as much as I can and just doing nothing when I can’t.

Doing nothing is not awesome. But alas it is what it is.

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Staying Open – March 24


Staying Open – 83


Finally finally finally the headache is gone. I have all the respect in the world for people who endure migraines, I am so very sorry for all you have to deal with. The plus the oxycodone pretty much meant I couldn’t even open my eyes because of the light sensitivity. So grateful that we’re mostly down to back pain and all the expected pain now. Now I just have to rest sleep and wait to recover. Don’t love it but so so much better than the headache.


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Staying Open – March 23

Staying Open – 82


Still here still resting. Still blinding headache. Sleeping a lot. Looking forward to when the headache passes…

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Staying Open – March 22

Staying Open – 81


Resting and recovering here. Have a headache that redefines all headaches that came before. Who knew anesthesia caused headaches. Not me. I also didn’t know about vasovagal either but had one of those today too. Overall though it could be much worse. If this blinding headache would go away it would be exponentially better.

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Staying Open – March 21


Staying Open – 80


And finally all done! Now time to rest.

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Staying Open – March 20


Staying Open – 79


Haven’t had enough of the flowers yet so I’ll be posting them for a while. I’ve been rewatching some of Brene Brown’s talks recently. I find that revisitng then once a year is a good reminder for me. Same with the “This is Water” speech by David Foster Wallace. Remembering what matters most and what we take for granted so easily.

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Staying Open – March 19

Staying Open – 78


Thanks to @winduprobots I remembered that it’s ranunculus season so I went to the farmer’s market to get some. It is most definitely a huge source of joy for me.

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Staying Open – March 18

Staying Open – 77


Took a walk with my oldest today. I can’t believe he will leave for college in a few months. I am so incredibly proud of him and the person he’s become. Love him so very much.

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Staying Open – March 17


Staying Open – 76


Finally a sunny and warm day here. Grateful. Feeling quiet here. So I don’t have much to say lately.

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Staying Open – March 16

Staying Open – 75


Trying to rest and be grateful today. Love and joy is everywhere and sometimes we just have to look harder.

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Staying Open – March 15


Staying Open – 74


It didn’t work out. After sitting at the hospital for a few hours and getting almost completely ready, it was clear power wasn’t coming back so they sent me home. Thankfully we do now have power at home but this means another rescheduling and likely another 10+ days wait. A real bummer.

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Staying Open – March 14


Staying Open – 73


Well we’re back to having no power. My surgery is tomorrow and the hospital also has no power so let’s see how this works out…

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