Daily Photos – December 20 2009

Today we baked.


Here are photos of David baking and Nathaniel watching us.


And here is Nathaniel.


His top teeth are coming. It’s scary how fast it all goes. He’s almost 8 months already. Christmas is almost here already. Yet I am so so behind. I still have to do my tags 49 and 50. I have catalysts to work on. My gratitude blog posts. And the books to finish. Oh well. I guess that’s what life is about.

Happy Sunday night. Off to read some.

Daily Photos – December 19 2009


Most days, I work hard to capture good photos of my family. To make sure that our memories are preserved so we can go back and remember and smile and re-live the precious moments.


But some days are just too hard to capture. Nights and lights and moving rollercoasters make it impossible to capture the essence of the joy that’s in the air. The excitement and thrill of being up past bedtime.


The cold air blowing through our clothes and turning our skin pink. The shrieks of joy and begging for more.


These things cannot be captured in film.


Sometimes you just have to let go and live in the moment. Know that the photos will be imperfect and yet you will still cherish having them so that you can look back and remember the magical night. So you can almost smell the cold air mixed with popcorn and fried dough. So you can almost hear the Christmas music and the jingles and bells.


Sometimes you just let go, get the best photos you can.


Sometimes life’s too magical to be captured in film.

Daily Photos – December 18 2009

I can’t believe this year is almost over. I am so not ready. Not just yet.

This is from a wreath that I just got for our house. More coming in another post.


Last night I decided it was time to stop mourning and whining and get back to being joyful. So I did a 180 with my attitude. All is better now.

Nathaniel has discovered the presents under the tree.


I love that Amazon is doing frustration-free packaging this year. I love the free shipping too. Amazon rocks my world.

David has been home all week. I feel bad for him but there’s been too much sickness in our house to risk spreading that at school. His school is officially closed for break now. He’s been pretty wonderful at home and so I let him play the Wii to day. He loved the Wii Fit boxing.


Our stocking holders were these cheap ones from Walmart until I filled them and they fell on the floor. Six times. And they have these sharp edges which ruined the molding and my foot. I was holding them on there with baby wipes and finally decided to do away with them and bought these simple ones that hold so much better. No more wipes on our mantle.


It’s Friday. I am planning to relax this weekend. Work on my art. Read. Bake some with my son. Draw some. Cuddle up with my husband. Just enjoy life. Simple, ordinary, magnificent life.

Daily Photos – December 17 2009

Today was a long day. I woke up with a sore throat and tired and cranky. And Nathaniel is also still cranky. So we did a lot of sitting still and doing quiet things.


Poor David is still home. His nose is still really clogged and with Nathaniel sick and me getting sick, I didn’t want to take my chances. He spent the day watching movies and coloring his box. I love him so.


And Nathaniel ate and cried and clung to me most of the day.


Thank you for your well wishes. We’re all mostly on the mend. I called a plastic surgeon today and got an appointment for next week so I can have someone look at my nose. And I am catching up on my endless todo list and there’s light at the end of this tunnel. I can’t see it just yet but I know it’s there.

Daily Photos – December 16 2009


I love that Nathaniel’s puffs are heart-shaped.

Nathaniel didn’t sleep at all last night until 3am. So this morning I was wiped and decided I needed a mental day. I’ve had the last five days off for vacation and I have over 300 emails in my work account. I am traumatized at the idea of going near them.

Tons of Amazon boxes showed up yesterday (David calls them the smiley boxes cause of the logo.) so I decided it was as good a time to wrap as any.


And here’s one of the little boy who was struggling a lot today. He has not been wanting to sleep cause he doesn’t want to be left alone but he won’t sleep when I am there and he needs the sleep so badly.


I managed to port all my comments from the old blog. Some of the pages are still the old style and they shall stay that way. What do you think about the redesign? I wanted larger images and I missed having a side column. I will fill it up over the next few weeks. This is project #1 for 2010 for me. A bit early but so it goes. More on the projects coming later.

Please let me know if you notice anything odd with the site, I am trying to fix all the quirks. And I am also open to all opinions/suggestions of course. Still feeling my way around it.

Daily Photos – December 15 2009

I spent the whole day making some changes to my website. This is my yearly redesign and it’s very much unfinished. But I had to move because for the first time in ten years, I moved to not using my own database. I am now using hosted WordPress. There are many reasons to do this but I need to spend the next few weeks playing with it and seeing if I like it. So I thought why not now. It’s not like I don’t have 5 million things going on.

Here’s me this morning. I woke up to see a much more swollen face.


I also woke up more depressed and sad. I am guessing the reality of what happened is finally hitting me now that the adrenalin and shock are wearing off. It’s going to be ok and I am already feeling better about it but I had a rough day today and so the kids very kindly played by themselves a lot.


David spent the day in his Buzz Lightyear costume. He still has a runny nose so I’ve been keeping him at home.


All was well until Nathaniel woke up from his afternoon nap and he was very hot. I took his temperature to find out it was 103. I didn’t even want to think of what might be wrong so I took him to the doctor and despite the Tylanol, his fever was still 102. They checked him and said he was ok and to watch and see if he feels better by Thursday. He’s been all sweet and mostly happy but I’m a basket case of course.


It’s only Tuesday but I am so ready for this week to be over already. Tomorrow I’m back at work after a long break which means hundreds of emails to be read and a ton of catching up. Fun fun fun!

Ok I am off to sleep. More changes tomorrow. I haven’t moved over the comments yet and some other things either. But you are welcome to leave me comments on this post. Hopefully it will work. I am afraid you will have to change your RSS reader if you’ve been reading me on Google Reader, etc. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Daily Photos – December 14 2009

A whole slew of photos today. Just felt like capturing my family.

David decided he wanted to write a letter to Santa. He wrote it all by himself. I sounded out the words to him so he could recognize the letters. Here he is writing it.

And writing some more.

And the finished product.

Nathaniel is still loving these biscuits. I took it away for two minutes and he cried until I gave it back.

And it makes a mess. Huge mess.

He’s standing all the time now. Still can’t sit down by himself but can stand up just fine.

And here’s me. It’s hard to see my bruise. I am not all black and blue but my nose is swollen quite a bit. And my thigh and back hurt a LOT.

Thank you for your kind words. I am trying to rest and relax. I happened to have taken today and tomorrow off work and David’s sick at home so except for a quick trip to work (to pick up a Christmas present) I’ve been home all day. Oh and the camera is all fine as you can see.

Happy Monday.

Daily Photos – December 13 2009

Nathaniel puts everything in his mouth so I decided to get him these teething biscuits and he loves them.

And then I remembered the mess they make!

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve had this toy for years and just realized that its in the shape of a face. The blue eyes, yellow eye brows, green head and blue hait. The smiling red mouth. Holy cow! How did I not ever notice that before?

Yesterday’s Gilroy Gardens attempt had to be aborted. So today we try again. We ended up in the model train show yesterday and then a long trip to Target. Let’s see if we manage to get there today.

Daily Photos – December 12 2009

My first pedicure in six years. Holiday spirit.

It’s been really rainy here so we’ve been cooped up at home. But it’s lush and green outside.

And here’s boy number one.

And boy number two.

Off to see if we can go to Gilroy Gardens. Here’s to hoping rain stops.

Daily Photos – December 11 2009

Hanukkah begins.

David was the Shabbat helper today at school so we all went to be with him.

Here he is collecting sadakah.

It was lovely watching him and how comfortable he was.

Nathaniel woke up at 4am today for his second feeding and I could not fall back asleep so I really need to go off to bed now. Happy weekend.

Daily Photos – December 10 2009

This is from the wreath project David and I made yesterday. I found it here and had been saving it for an occasion.

And despite resisting it, David actually enjoyed it.

Today, we had playgroup. This is the third week of Nathaniel’s new playgroup and it’s been quite fun. I am really glad we can do this for him.

And one of him eating those puffs he loves so much.

Off from work for the next five days! Excited to rest and relax. And play.

Daily Photos – December 9 2009

See? I told you he’s standing up! He loves playing with this toy and standing up as he does, even though it’s supposed to be a sit-down toy.

I am normally very anti putting even slightly naked photos of my kids online anywhere. Just a personal peeve. To each his own. But I love this cute little one and it doesn’t show anything so I decided it was ok. This is from last night’s bath. David was in there, too.

And a smile from Nathaniel.

Trying to catch up today. Working hard and methodically. This month is going to be topsy turvy. I won’t get to read as many books but I will spend lots of time with my boys. All three of them. Love them.

Today David said that his brain was full and that he had to create more room in it. And then he proceeded to do just that. Love love love this boy.