Daily Photos – December 31 2009

And we bid farewell to 2009.

This was a long year for me. We had some huge events: we bought our first house, we had our second baby (with no medication thank you very much), we moved, and I moved positions and started working from home. And then a million little good and bad ones. I normally like to reflect on the year but this year I’m not feeling it so we’re not going to do that.

Instead we look forward. Here’s to a fantastic 2010. May it be absolutely amazing in every way!

Daily Photos – December 30 2009

Today was a long day and a bad-photo day. It was actually quite productive. This morning, I was sitting on the floor and David was watching a movie on his iPod and Nathaniel walked over to him and stood up on his table so he could watch it with David. I tried to capture it but it’s crappy but I still love it so much cause it was such a cute moment.

I love seeing how David reads to Nathaniel. I really love having two kids. It’s significantly harder but so much fun at the same time.

Nathaniel would NOT take a nap today. He has been more active and more rebellious about going to bed. I understand it but he’s still so tired and needs his naps. He’s even more clingy than usual. So it’s been a rough few days. But despite all that, I got some stuff done today, did some more coding, some crafting with David, and finished all my tags. (Too late to take photos, I will post them all tomorrow.)

I can’t believe there’s one more day left. I am really looking forward to 2010. I am determined to make it rock!

Daily Photos – December 29 2009

Today started our badly. I woke up at 3am cause Nathaniel refused to go to sleep after having eaten just a few hours prior. After a while of his wailing, I just gave up, nursed him again and thankfully we both passed out in our own beds. When I woke up, David had already taken his pullup off and put it outside (which he does every morning) but because something is wrong with our back door, it wouldn’t close. So he left it for me to do. And I couldn’t either. So I had to call an emergency line and they came an hour later to close it (not fix it. that won’t happen until after the holidays). While I am thankful that it’s now locked, I am annoyed that I can’t use it until January who knows when. I use this door 16 times a day. What crap.

Since I got so little sleep, I was in a total daze all day, even after two coffees. So finally, in the afternoon, I told David we should go take a walk. We all got bundled up and went out.

Since we were going to walk for about 20 mins, I got the dinky stroller we use for such occasions. I was worried Nathaniel might be too small for it, but it worked out ok.

I tried taking several photos of Nathaniel along the way:

But he either made funny faces or sucked his thumb. But the big one smiled wonderfully.

And then played around.

And then once the kids were down, I wrote some code. It was a long, long day. Hope yours was well.

Daily Photos – December 28

As the numbers of this month get higher, I get sadder and sadder. I don’t want this year to end yet. Not because it was the most magical year (though it did have some amazing moments) but because I am not ready for 2010 yet. I haven’t finished my 2009 tasks yet (still got three tags to make.) and I need to rest a bit, too. Can time stop for just a tiny bit?

Today I was in an inexplicably grouchy mood. I think it’s cause Nathaniel struggled with all of his naps and hence I didn’t get enough quiet time and when he was awake, he was super-cranky so that didn’t help either. Not that you can tell from the photo.

And David was subject to a lot of my random frustrations. Even though I made up for it a little bit at the end of the day, he spent a lot of today doing workbooks and watching movies and trying to play quietly (though not succeeding a lot.)

I did work on my December Daily tonight and have almost all the pages done. I find that towards the end of the month, I get tired and my table gets really messy which drives me crazy and it all goes a bit wonky. Oh well.

Daily Photos – December 27 2009

Today I feel wiped. Maybe the laziness begets laziness. I am not motivated to do anything. Ugh.

I played around with Nathaniel’s photo today just for fun.

David’s still playing with his Christmas presents. Today he made a house with the screws. It was fun to watch him.

I am off to read a little while the little one naps. I hope your holiday weekend is full of laughter and joy.

Daily Photos – December 26 2009

Today was full of entertaining David. Jake and he played cards, made a puzzle, made legos together and then we attempted to decorate the gingerbread houses we made but the attempt was aborted when David was much more interested in eating the M&Ms then putting them on the house.

When Nathaniel woke up David played with him for a while and just hugged him spontaneously. And I just grabbed my camera and snapped.

I love these boys and I love seeing them together.

And then everyone played with their Christmas presents. David played Spongebob Operation and then with his gears and Nathaniel ate his toys.

I spent most of my day relaxing and reading and writing blog posts. And I started a new book. Falling even more behind than usual but I don’t care. I need time to do nothing for a while.

Daily Photos – December 25 2009

Christmas in our house started last night when David got to open one present.

As it turned out, it was a science toy so, of course, we got to working on it immediately.

While Nathaniel hung out with Daddy and relaxed.

Then, everyone went to bed and Nathaniel decided today was to start at 4:00am which is when he began crying and would not stop. So after we all woke up, he fell right back asleep and slept all the way until 8:30.

While he slept, I set the table.

This year, I’d decided to make some pancakes. The recipe was from the Barefoot Contessa book I have and it’s baked pancakes. I had never tried them before and while they look a bit funny, they actually tasted quite good.

David got “full” immediately because he knew we’d open presents after breakfast. And as soon as he was allowed, he opened everything in his stocking and moved on to his presents.

Since Nathaniel showed no interest in opening his, David kindly opened all of Nathaniel’s presents, too.

Here’s a shot of our room right after all the presents were opened.

After all the present-opening was done, Jake fell into a deep sleep on the living room couch.

While the kids both played with their new toys.

And then while Nathaniel napped, we all watched Mary Poppins and then Jake and David made some of David’s new pirate legos while I relaxed and worked on some upcoming posts.

And we ended the day by making some royal icing and preparing our graham-cracker gingerbread houses so we can decorate them tomorrow.

Baths, nursing, stories, snuggling and the kids were both asleep by 6:30. Now it’s time for us to relax and enjoy the last few hours of Christmas Day.

I hope your day was full of delight and joy like ours. I feel very blessed today.

Daily Photos – December 24 2009

“Look, Mom, he’s holding his head.” My son has a sense of humor.

This photo isn’t technically or artistically interesting, but look at those toes peeking out.

And here’s David staring at the Christmas tree (or maybe all of his presents.)

And my little boy laughing.

Nicholas and Ty came to have lunch with us today and played with the kids. They are great friends and we’re lucky to have them.

David got to open one present and it was a science kit so we did one of the experiments and it needs a bit of waiting so while it’s doing its thing, we’re watching one of the best movies ever: Mary Poppins!

Can’t imagine Christmas eve can get much better. Happy Christmas eve.

Daily Photos – December 23 2009

Today we baked the cookie dough I’d prepared yesterday. And David decorated to his heart’s content.

All the while Nathaniel sat in his chair with a teething biscuit which I figured would keep him busy for a while.

I didn’t really work. He ate for a while and then got really upset. So in the end he was a mess and crying at the same time.

but we did make some cute cookies.

The rest of our day was quiet. I didn’t feel like doing any art today but I did finish my book. I am hoping to work on my page 22, 23 and 24 tomorrow (mostly simple or digital now) and ideally on my two tags, too. Just feeling behind still, but I don’t care. I will eventually catch up. Even if it’s in 2010.

Happy Christmas eve eve.

Daily Photos – December 22 2009

Today we baked a bunch more but I didn’t take photos this time. I’ll take some when we decorate cookies tomorrow.


Here is another funny one.


I apologize in advance for posting a bunch of posts in a row. I am trying to catch up so they come in slews.

Daily Photos – December 21 2009

Today was a quiet day. I spent most of the day working hard. I had some work tasks I really wanted to finish so I spent the day working on them. Jake was home so he spent time with the kids and let me focus solely on work.

David’s always been a great player. He can spend hours playing with toys, drawing, and entertaining himself. Since I work at home full time (and I did when he was a baby, too) I cherish that in him. I am delighted to find out that Nathaniel is, so far, similar. Of course, he has the luxury of having an older brother, too, but he also likes to play with toys, discover things, and entertain himself. He does put almost everything in his mouth, so I do have to watch for that, but otherwise, he’s a happy little camper.

I am off to bed. Tomorrow is full of to-do list items and more work. More posts coming, too. About my projects for 2010. December Daily pages. More on gratitude, etc.