December Daily – Day 25

I love this photo of our table so I wanted to make sure it ended up in our book.

for the back, I ended with a photo of all of us on Christmas day.

And that’s day twenty-five. And that’s also the end of the book for this year. I must admit I enjoyed it less than usual this year but I am still so glad I did it. The book ended up quite big.

But I am glad I used a binder book because it’ still much more firmly held together than the previous years’ books.

Love this project.

December Daily – Day 24

Since this year is a lot about getting in the photos, I decided to put this photo of Nathaniel and me for the front page today. The colors matched a page I had slated for day 27 so I switched them around.

for the back, I put one of each of the kids opening their Christmas eve presents (they each get one the night before).

And that’s day twenty-four.

I normally take this album to day 31 but this year I decided to go with 25 days. I want to spend the last week planning and preparing for 2011 so having this project completed and my table cleaned will help me with that. So tomorrow is my last page. I’ve taken it very easy this year and have loved putting this album together even if it’s one of my simpler ones.

December Daily – Day 23

I loved that I had two wonderful photos of my kids so I sized them small and put them in the front. I added a sticker for each so I could journal a bit about what they did that day.

for the back, I put the presents photo.

And that’s day twenty-three.

December Daily – Day 22

I wanted to journal some today so I used some of the rubons I’ve had for over two years and added them inside my journaling. I am not good with rubons and not a fan. This was a fun way to use them up.

for the back, i just had fun. I rubbed grateful on a tag and added stickers and embellies until I liked the look of it.

And that’s day twenty-two.

December Daily – Day 21

I left today’s cover as it was in the album.

I like the little tree on this page.

behind it, I added a 6×4 page with the tree lights (Ali tweeted about this a few days ago and it reminded me I wanted to try it too, Thank you Autumn!!!)

in the back, I put a photo of David I took yesterday that I love:

And that’s day twenty-one.

December Daily – Day 20

Another simple day:

For the cover, I put some of the packaging from the fitbit with a photo and the packaging for my new WW points calculator. The journaling is under the tag that says “for life.”

On the back, I put photos of both kids on their computers and the journaling is on the tag that pulls out. The one that says memories.

simple simple. it’s the only way I’m able to do this album.

And that’s day twenty.

December Daily – Day 19

I loved this photo of Nathaniel so much. I know it’s sad but it has so much emotion, especially in the way his hands are over his mouth.

the journaling is about how I hate to see him sad but I also don’t want him to throw things at David. And how much I love him of course.

The back is a shot I took at Target yesterday while we were shopping. I’ve been trying to eat healthier so I wanted to make sure to commemorate that. Fresher and less processed for me.

And that’s day nineteen.

December Daily – Day 17

Yesterday was a sweet day at home together but the page I had was too small so I switched bases of 18 and 17 and put my new little tree on the front page.

The back has some photos from our ordinary day:

Journaling reads:
today was a perfectly ordinary day. the kind that makes you thankful for the small things in life. for tiny moments of laughter. for cuddling. lego time. ornaments made at school. even for the annoyed faces the baby makes when he’s told not to touch. these little ordinary moments are what life is made out of and they are the things we don’t normally pay attention to but they are so special on their ow. when i look at these photos, i am so grateful for everything we have together.

And that’s day seventeen.

December Daily – Day 16

Something simple and crafty today. I used a canvas piece by Maya Road. Used watercolor crayons to color it and then added some Maya Road flowers and some words.

another look:

The back also has some Maya Road flowers and some more words.

another look:

i like the mix of crafty pages with stories. it makes me happy (though it also makes my album fatter.)

And that’s day sixteen.

December Daily – Day 15

I know it’s not the end of the day yet but I knew what I wanted to do today so I just sat and made these pages that capture where my kids are at right now. Just a few things.

you are able to nod yes and no
you scream too often to express what you want
you give David many hugs each day
you are becoming a pickier eater
you are obsessed with having the TV on
you understand so much but say only a few words
you love playing and you are a happy happy boy
I am so thankful you are in our lives. We love you.

you are reading like a champ
you can write so well
you keep a daily gratitude journal
you still love to color
you are a super-picky eater
you are so loving and kind to everyone
you make all of us so very very proud
I am so thankful you are in our lives. We love you.

And that’s day fifteen.

December Daily – Day 14

Super-simple pages today, too. I love this page in the front so I just added a tiny bit to it.

And put a photo I loved in the back.

And that’s day fourteen.

December Daily – Day 13

Super-simple pages today. Just some snowflakes with twine and letters in the front.

And my snowflake in the back.

And that’s day thirteen.