Layout a Day in May – You Still Take my Breath Away

After several wrong starts, fixing a broken sewing machine, and much tiredness, here we are. and now it’s done! 31 layouts in a row! Phew.

I’ve been wanting to do a kraft-based layout all month and here we finally are. I’d also pulled out these little hearts at the beginning of the month so I am glad to have gotten to use them. The journaling is all about Nathaniel now. How he loves music and he laughs so much and how much we love him. Which is so so so much.


Thank you so much for all your amazing and kind comments all month long. I never actually thought I’d do this but here we are. A long, thoughtful post on LOAD coming on Saturday.

Layout a Day in May – I Love you Madly Deeply Fully and Immeasurably

Yes, I know, long title.

I felt like I hadn’t scrapped just David in a while and I wanted to let him know that even though I am spending more time with Nathaniel now cause he needs it I still love him so much and I am so thankful for him.

The bloomers, basics, envelopes, and the tape were all items I had put aside to use this month so I figured before the month is over, I’d better get to work!


Layout a Day in May – Moments of Pure Joy and Happiness

Layout a day number 29. Almost there!

I love how David loves making Nathaniel laugh and it makes my heart so happy to see these moments. Not much journaling this time, I didn’t think I needed it.


Layout a Day in May – I Love All Your Funny Little Quirks

And here’s #28. Had fun with circle punches today.

Nathaniel doesn’t like his leg to touch grass so when we sit in the backyard, he holds it up the whole time. I wanted to make sure to capture his funny quirk.


Layout a Day in May – This I Promise

I am doing a layout a day in May and this is number 27.

Journaling is about how I hate having my photo taken but I know my kids would love to have more photos of me and I love looking at photos of us so I promise them that I will let people take more photos of us together.


Four days left!

Layout a Day in May – The Scooter and Lessons on Motherhood

Here is day twenty-six:

I wanted to try to do something that had a tone on tone feel so I picked shades of yellow and orange for the whole layout. Went a bit punch-crazy and stitching crazy.

The journaling Reads:
When we first got this scooter, you were four and I thought you were too young for it. So I left it unopened. But now that you’re five you’re not doing such a good job picking it up and I constantly worry that you won’t ever learn it and I ask myself why do I need to control the process? The fact is if you want to learn it you will and you’ll do great. And if not, that’s ok too. I need to learn to let go and let you be whatever you want.


Layout a Day in May – The Best Part of Having Two Kids

Day number Twenty-five.

The journaling is about how my favorite thing in the world is watching my two kids play and laugh together and how David is the best big brother and loves making his little brother laugh.


Layout a Day in May – And Though Now It’s Really Gone Forever

Here’s today’s layout.

And Though Now It’s Really Gone Forever, I will Remember.

Journaling is about how Nathaniel had this funny crawl where he didn’t bend his knees and now that he’s walking it’s gone forever but thanks to this photo I will get to remember it forever.


And here goes day twenty-four.

Layout a Day in May – A Boy and the Chair

Here’s #23.


Layout a Day in May – The Joy of Play

Today’s layout is a sneak since it’s going to be posted at the A Million Memories blog in a week or so. I will come back and post the full one then. (Edited to add: now it’s up so here’s the full layout, which is a scraplift of the amazing zarah.)


Layout a Day in May – Best Mother’s Day Present Ever

Layout a day number 21. Woo hoo.

This uses photos from Mother’s Day and the journaling is about how getting these photos of my family was the best mother’s day present ever. I love love these photos.


Play Laugh Love

Looks like I never posted this? Maybe I am losing my mind?

Title reads: I hope you Play and Laugh together and Love each other forever. May layout a day #20!