100 Things I am Grateful For

As the weekly gratitude project comes to a close and especially during the holidays, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude and how very very much I have to be grateful for in my life. So much of the basic stuff I take for granted like clothes, health, a home, a car, a loving husband, wonderful kids. These seem obvious and yet it’s the most obvious we often take for granted.

So it occurred to me to make a long list of things that I am grateful for. Things that make me happy. So many of these are obvious or simple or small. And yet they are miracles. They make me so grateful. And the even more amazing part is that I could probably easily come up with another 100. I hope that you take the time to make a long list of your own. It’s a really wonderful exercise.

So here we are:

  1. Music
  2. Having a warm home that’s just the right size for us
  3. David’s kindness and generosity towards Nathaniel
  4. The way Nathaniel’s neck smells
  5. Jake’s hugs.
  6. Nike+
  7. Good fiction
  8. Coffee – specifically Cafe Francais instant coffee
  9. Scrapbooking – specifically telling our stories
  10. TV
  11. My family all of whom love me unequivocally
  12. Paint – especially high quality paint with lots of pigment
  13. Butterflies
  14. Tulips
  15. The laughter of my children
  16. Packages
  17. Working from home
  18. Comfortable clothes
  19. iPad, Kindle and Sony readers
  20. My treadmill which allows me to work out every day
  21. Phone call from a good friend
  22. Quiet time
  23. Journals – especially hand made ones
  24. My new phone (especially for GPS!)
  25. Punches – borders and butterflies and hearts
  26. White cardstock
  27. My camera and lenses
  28. Email
  29. Working with people I like and on a project I love
  30. Skype
  31. Getting to design for amazing companies like The Girls’ Paperie and Pink Paislee
  32. My sister
  33. Graham Crackers
  34. Tim Holtz Scissors
  35. Beautiful pieces of art by Kelly Rae Roberts, Donna Downey, Rebecca Sower and others that adorn my walls
  36. Etsy
  37. Online classes
  38. Kind and genuine comments left on my blog
  39. Bananas
  40. Colorful fabric
  41. Inspiration – tumblr, blogs, interest, twitter, Facebook, youtube and all other places where inspiration is overflowing
  42. My kids’ hugging
  43. Bubbles – blowing them, taking bubble baths
  44. Streets lined with trees – especially in the spring and fall
  45. Watching the sun set and rise
  46. The sea and the ocean
  47. Car trips
  48. New York City
  49. the Internet
  50. Big Picture Classes – especially getting to teach there and all the students I have and how much I grow
  51. Reading to David
  52. Watching people paint and draw
  53. Being around people who are comfortable in their skin
  54. Yogurt
  55. Legos
  56. The splint I have to wear for my TMJ (cause it does make me feel better)
  57. Full moons
  58. Watching David write in his gratitude journal
  59. Coming home from the hairdresser
  60. Good movies
  61. External hard drives (to back up!)
  62. Warm coats and socks
  63. My fitbit
  64. The remote that releases the shutter on my camera
  65. Doing crafts with David
  66. Nathaniel saying Mama (and Daddy I love the way he says Daddy)
  67. My sewing machine
  68. A nice warm shower on a cold day
  69. My blog
  70. Photoshop
  71. Chocolate
  72. My MacBook Pro
  73. Sneakers that fit my feet properly
  74. TiVo
  75. My bed, covers, and mattress
  76. The video baby monitor
  77. Sunshine
  78. Drinking water
  79. My husband and kids playing together or hugging
  80. My curiosity and thirst for learning
  81. Watching my kids’ sleep
  82. Volunteering at David’s school
  83. People who follow their dreams (especially unconventional ones)
  84. People who are not afraid to show emotion (especially men)
  85. moments of peace and contentedness
  86. Instant Messaging
  87. unexpected mail
  88. being published in a magazine
  89. losing weight
  90. the Wii
  91. my husband’s love, generosity, kindness and endless friendship
  92. Penguins
  93. Good health, that none of us have a chronic or serious illness
  94. Twinkling lights
  95. Instructional videos
  96. Color – especially bright colors
  97. seeing my layouts on TV
  98. watching Nathaniel learn to speak and express his opinions
  99. Snuggling up with my kids and husband
  100. Love. I am so grateful for love.

If you do make a list, please share with me, I’d love to see it!

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