A Book a Week – Ender’s Game

I’ve wanted to read Ender’s Game for some time. I had heard about it a long time ago and it was on my list of books to read to David some time in the future. But before I read it to him, I wanted to read it for myself.

It gets mixed reviews on Amazon but most of the negative reviews are about the author and not the book. So I dove into it anyway.

And I loved it.

There are so many interesting bits to this book and if you’re into the science part of science fiction, I highly recommend it.

I’ve heard the second book is almost as good, if not better, and I’ve added it to my queue too. And when David is older, I will definitely read it to him.

3 comments to A Book a Week – Ender’s Game

  • Kelly S

    I’m glad you enjoyed Ender’s Game. I have read several of Orson Scott Card’s books and enjoyed all of them. He lives in my area so I like reading the non-sci-fi books that are based in NC (one of them is Homebody). I also loved Enchantment–it’s a great fantasy novel. My kids loved the Ender books.

  • I read this book a couple of months ago, and enjoyed it, too, although I’m ambivalent about reading any more books.

  • I read this as a young teen, I’ve been reading the series ever since. The later ones get MUCH darker – I’ve got but haven’t read the latest in the shadow series (where the minor character’s retell the story from their point of view), been putting it off as the last was so dark.

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