A Book a Week – Imagine

I picked up Imagine cause I heard Noelle tweet about it and it sounded interesting. I rarely ever enjoy nonfiction novels. But this was a lovely exception.

Even though it took me a while to get through it, I enjoyed every bit of it and found it very fascinating. If you’re interested in how creativity works, I cannot recommend it enough.

And it’s not just about artistic creativity. It’s about creative thinking. It’s about out of the box ideas. It’s about how we come up with unique ways of looking at the world.


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  • Kelly S

    Just thought you’d like to know–I also read this book and thought it was really interesting. I even recommended it to my book club. Unfortunately the book was pulled not long afterwards. The author apparently took some liberties with the quotations and research used in the book. It was also not the first time this author had done this. I was really disappointed when I heard.

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