Daily Sketching – Week 82

Here are the sketches from last week. eh. still not my favorite. i think i am running out of ideas. got any?

that’s it for this week.

Daily Sketching is a weekly project for 2012. You can see a detailed post on my sketching journey here.

2 comments to Daily Sketching – Week 82

  • They’re lovely. I especially like the windmill.

    A little wisdom shared? Inspiration comes when it will. I’ve learned to go with the flow because we’re surrounded with it even when we are not aware. I promise you this is true.

    Relax. Be good to yourself between creative slow-downs. 🙂

  • Great sketches! So sorry you’ve got the plague. The messages all resonated with me on several levels and I really enjoyed them. I’m with you about the holidays! I’m ready!

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