Gratitude Journal Project – Intro and Week 1

In 2011, I did a weeklong daily art journal project that I loved. In 2012, I did a collage project that I loved. So this year, I decided to sort of combine the two and add the element of gratitude and celebration.

I bought myself an A4 Moleskine Sketchbook and decided to use the right side pages only. My goal is to create some art on each page each week. Some might be collage-y and some will be more like art journaling. Whatever my heart desires. And then the goal is to update the page throughout the week to add 2 gratitudes each day from me, one from david and finally 3 things to celebrate for each of my family members for the week. Since I post these on Mondays, each page will go from Sunday to Saturday.

Like most of my projects, I am not exactly sure how it’s going to work but I am open to playing along and letting it morph to what it needs to be.

Here’s my first before page, I figured it’s best to start the year with my word:

and here’s what the page looks like with all the gratitudes and celebrations:

There we go. Just another excuse to create art and remember the present that is my life.

15 comments to Gratitude Journal Project – Intro and Week 1

  • dawn

    Karen, your so awesome!! I couldn’t wait to see this today! LOVE IT!! The page is so pretty with the birds and your OLW here as a reminder. The little bits of writing are so cute and make it even more special.
    Couple questions please?

    One… where did David write, would love to know what he said for his?
    two… did you do this on a different paper and attach it to the moleskin journal? I know you do this before?
    three… what size is this?

    I’m thinking this might be what I’d like to do also, so far have just been writing them in my planner.
    My other idea thanks to you is to get a binder and baseball protectores and have the kids and Rich and I fill out a card every Sunday either art, happy thoughts, gratitude on their card and have this be our ART/GRATITUDE FAMILY ALBUM. Haven’t started yet just got the idea. Thanks so much for all your inspirations!!

    • karenika

      1. david’s are right below mine. i write two for me and one for him each day. so he picks his thing but i write it in my book along with mine. he has said anything from reaching a level in a video game to getting a treat he likes, to seeing a place or a friend etc. ๐Ÿ™‚
      2. in this case, no. i glued the paper on and then did art on it and then wrote my stuff throughout the week. my plan for this book is not to work separately but who knows how it will evolve
      3. the size is A4 which is European’s letter size, it’s 11.69″ long and 8.27″ wide, so narrower and taller than our paper.

      I hope this helps and i hope hope hope you do it too! It’s a wonderfully fun project ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tiffani

    It’s beautiful!

  • impy

    Ok, I usually don’t respond, but just wanted you to know that I started a beginners’ art journaling class at our church and I subscribe to your blog and am constantly sending them ideas from your journal entries…..They love them all! I am fascinated with people using moleskins. I assume you glue in paper on top of the pages in the moleskin because you don’t think the moleskin paper is appropriate? I have seen moleskin paper with checks on it, so thought you had just used the page in the moleskin but apparently not…? LOVE YOUR WORK!

    • karenika

      first of all, thanks so much for your kind words! ๐Ÿ™‚ second, the moleskine paper is just fine. in this case, it’s sketchbook paper not art journal one, so it’s less absorbant but for what i am doing to it, it’s just fine. i only added my own paper cause i felt like it. you’ll see next week’s page has no paper and just uses the moleskine page ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you again, you made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stacy Caddy

    Love this page… Your birds are so cute… TFS!!!

  • dawn

    Thanks so much for the answers to my questions. I understand now about Davids, was looking for his handwriting but now it makes sense. So cute what his were, love this about him!! Ok about the papers added and not added next week, makes sense now. When we start ours I will share photos with you, might even do one just for me. THANKS FOR THE HELP!!

    I have to admit that when you were announcing these new ideas for the year, it made me kinda sad since I LOVE LOVE everything you’ve done in 2012. NOW I AM SOOOO EXCITED THOUGH, THIS WHOLE WEEK OF NEW PROJECTS HAS ME VERY HAPPY AND LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE!! HUGS!

  • Your page is awesome – love that the birds are painted and not outlined – I always seem to want to outline my stuff. Living in the present is something I am still learning to do – it’s actually approaching time more as a young child does. You are very talented.

  • Jan

    Wow…what a great start and wonderfully creative idea for journaling your gratitude.โ™ฅ

  • Toni

    Karen, thanks for sharing this! I started art journaling just recently, but have found it hard to journal on top of the art. I really like the way you left lots of room on this page to incorporate lots of writing! Think I’m gonna have to try that! TFS!

  • Honorรฉ

    Love this page and always, your sharing your art and life. I was looking for away to express my daily gratitudes ~ your journal has inspired some ideas for me to pursue. Thanks.

  • Denise

    What do you use to write what you are grateful for on your prepared page?

    • karenika

      I just use the Pitt Artist pens cause I have them handy. However, since most of the pages are paper or acrylic, most anything would work.

  • karen, i was listening to you on and all the things you do. i’ve enjoyed looking through your archives. the way you share your thoughts and art is so extensive, and i adore it! i was wondering if this bird page was inspired by the wings class you are taking from melody?

    • karenika

      thanks so much for your kind words! nope this isn’t the one I was talking about. it’s a butterfly and it’s coming in march ๐Ÿ™‚

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