2013 Sketching – Week 8

My goal for 2013 is to make three sketches a week. If I make more, great. If I don’t, that’s ok. Trying to keep the pressure low while still encouraging myself to draw.

Here are the ones for this week (not my favorites this time):




that’s it for this week.

Sketching is a weekly project for 2013. You can see a detailed post on my sketching journey here.

3 comments to 2013 Sketching – Week 8

  • Karen, I just watched one of your videos for the very first time about your talk on creativity. You are right on. I quite enjoyed your talk. I have been an artist all of my life and have a Master of Arts in studio art and do feel that I am lacking on ideas. What to draw is the hardest one. I am an animator, mixed-media artist, iphoneographer, and photographer. I love creating but feel stuck some times.

  • Tiffani

    What do you use around the outside edges of your sketches? Is it just watercolor paint, or something else? Every week I look at them and wonder! πŸ™‚

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