Gratitude Journal 2013 – Looking Back

Gratitude journal was a new project for 2013. I wasn’t sure where it was going to go but I loved the idea of writing my and David’s gratitudes daily and I knew it would give me an opportunity to do regular art. Of all my projects for 2013, it was probably the one that felt the easiest and least burdensome even thought I did it daily.

Even though I can’t say I was a huge fan of the actual journal I used, I loved the variety and freedom this format gave me. The watercolor one I used for The Weeklong Journal project was much more fun, paper-wise. I think I am just a fan of watercolor paper. I find it more versatile and I feel it makes the colors much more vibrant.

Putting the paper aside, I loved this project. I loved the freedom it gave me, I loved writing down my gratitudes, and having them all in a book. I loved all the color and joyful pages.

Here are some of my favorite pages:

as you can see i have more than a few:

which is a good indication that this project was a success joy-wise!

As we approach 2014, I decided to take a break on this, however. I might bring it back for 2015 but I like being able to vary things around and I needed something different. Having said that, I believe the daily gratitude practice is too valuable to give up so I think I will make it a part of my Savor Project for next year.

1 comment to Gratitude Journal 2013 – Looking Back

  • dawn

    Hello Karen,
    I’ve read thru your last 4/5 posts and love reading them. Always love reading your end of the year thoughts and plans for the next year.
    What a great journal this was, finding gratitude in your daily life is huge, I do this too! Have you read the book 1,000 gifts? I did last month and loved it, bought a notebook today and I will be listing my gifts starting today. This could be a different way for you to approach your gratitude journal.
    These are all amazing, the last one is so so my favorite girl of yours!!
    Sorry the Savor project didn’t work out as good for you, hope you find a way to make you happy next year. I’m sticking with the usual PL and always keep it simple, words/photo that’s it!! I keep pulling out my album for next year and keep playing with it, can’t wait to start a new year of filling it up!!
    I just signed up for Ali’s OLW class too, excited for this!
    Great job on your DD!!
    Hope you had a nice Christmas!!!
    Take care dear friend, HUGS!

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