Living Intentionally 2017 – 07

Weekly Intention: This week has a lot of work trips. Three of the five days, I will be going to work. I need to come up with a plan for journaling and exercise to ensure that I don’t stay off the schedule now that I am back in town. I also need to make sure to get some extra rest to make up for the jet lag I feel. I have one week of full, crazy work and then next week is Winter Break which will be a mix of work and vacation so I really need to use this week to get back into my routine or it will just be easy to completely fall off. My plan is to get a bunch of work done and then to sit with my kids and be intentional about how we plan to spend our time this year.

This month’s intention is: Shine from the Outside In: It might seem counter-intuitive but sometimes it helps to start with the outside. Take care of your body, your skin, your teeth. Dress in a way that makes you feel good. Show up and look the part. I haven’t been focusing on this at all. I would love to buy some clothes but honestly I don’t have the energy at the moment so I’d like to think smaller maybe. Like makeup I can buy/wear. Maybe that can be my focus this week.

Ways to Shine this week:

  • One: Bold: I have a bunch of new work events and goals this week. They will require me to be bold.
  • Two: Open:  I have a lunch with David’s school’s president tomorrow. And then movies with a lot of women. Both will require being open.  (and bold to be honest.)
  • Three: Heal/Nourish: I’d like to go back to longer journaling. And of course back to 7minute. I also would like to sleep as much as possible this week. Back to eating fresh only.

I am looking forward to: seeing a lot of friends tomorrow.

This week’s challenges: jet lag. a lot of trips to work and late nights.

Top Goals:

  • Work: create the 3 other sheets i would like. do round two. ask for what i need.
  • Personal:  journaling. exercise. sleep. recover.
  • Family: find a better equilibrium/plan at home. with kids. with free time.

I will focus on my core desires (bold, mindful, nourish, love) by: trying to back to some sort of routine this week. even if just for a week.

This week, I will say yes to: asking the hard/uncomfortable questions.

This week, I will say no to: anything but being me. i am going to show up as me. do my best and be present.

I am worried that: work won’t get done. i will continue to be exhausted and jet lagged. lunch will not be worth it. movies will feel disastrous. i will never catch up at work. i won’t exercise. i won’t journal. i won’t book LA or what I want for spring break. i will be impatient with my kids.

This week, I want to remember:  that it’s ok to take things one at a time. that it will all work out because things always do eventually.

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  • Cheryl R

    We have a program here for women with chronic diseases called Look Good, Feel Good. All the makeup companies provide makeovers for free (you usually need to buy a product). Let me tell you, it is so effective. I went with my hubby. He texted the makeover picture to my son with the caption…I came downtown with mom but I’m going home with a strange woman. My lasting purchase, red lipstick. Whenever I feel stressed (often), I put on the red lipstick. The mantra is now, look good, feel good, wear red lipstick. Try it, you’ll like it.

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