Weekly Reflection 2017 – 11

Three ways I shone this week: So here we are. This week’s experiment went so-so I’d say. There were parts that worked well, like smiling as much as possible and catching myself when thinking/being negative. I sent messages to people I loved. I said thank you. But I didn’t write things down or dance/sing. I didn’t journal. But that’s ok. It was the first step of many. I intend to continue this experiment for a while longer. I think it’s valuable and I am interested in giving it a try for a bit longer. I did shine more this week in ways that matter to me. I was there for people at work, for my sons, for my husband. I also took time to read, relax and sleep. 

I celebrate: Nathaniel this week. 

I am grateful for: Nathaniel’s good news. For those of you who sent good wishes our way, it worked! thank you so much for your kindness. I am so grateful that my little boy gets to have his wishes come true. here’s to hoping we made the right choice and here’s to hoping this is one of many wonderful journeys for him.

I nourished myself by: resting. i got to sleep in while in Seattle and it was a gift.

Reflecting on my worries: Despite trying not to worry, I spent a lot of Saturday stressed out which was not great. Other than that particular instance, though, I think I did a pretty good job trying to remember what matters most and that worrying doesn’t really help. 

I let go of: I feel like I’ve been living moment to moment a lot lately. Partly because life is so full. I let go of being on top of things this week. I do hope and plan to be more organized next week!

Core Desire Check-in (bold, mindful, nourish, love):

  • bold: I feel like i am getting bolder with work all year. I also did a bold move for my personal nourishment this week so I am proud of myself. And finally I was bold with the kids’ school and with volunteering.
  • mindful: due to the exercise i was doing, i was very mindful of times when I was saying negative things this week. when i was being less than my shining self. it’s interesting for me to see what brings that out in me.
  • nourish: this is a mixed bag. most importantly, i made a doctor’s appointment for my knees finally. they’ve been hurting since Christmas so it’s long overdue.
  • love: i am so full of love and gratitude this week. i’ve tried to make a point of showing it to my kids, husband, parents, sister, nephews and a few friends. i am trying to spread it around 🙂

What made me laugh this week: I laughed a lot in Seattle. A bunch more on Thursday when we got the good news. And a bunch more today when I was at the STEM fair. 
What I tolerated this week: travel. time away from the boys. extra trips to work. knee pain.

My mood this week was: solid for the beginning of the week, hectic thursday, relaxed on friday and frustrated on saturday. in pain today.
I forgive myself for: being a bit crazy on saturday. 
What I love right now: i still love the multi-layered life I have. i love the textures of my life. 

Here’s to a wonderful week twelve. 

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