Books I Read This Week 2018 – 09

Some okay reading this week. 

I started with I Found You which was okay. It wasn’t amazing but it was an enjoyable read and a pretty quick one.

An American Marriage was wonderful even though the content was so heart wrenching and difficult. It was a a great way to tackle a much-tackled topic in a creative and engaging way. I really enjoyed it.

Everything Happens for a Reason was a quick read and quite sad. I’ve read several such books at this point and this one wasn’t my favorite but I find them all worthwhile. It helps me stay centered and remember what matters most. 

The Dangerous Art of Blending In was a Young Adult. My first in a while and I don’t know if it was that it has been a while or something else but I didn’t love this book. Really serious subject matter and content and yet I couldn’t get past how exceptionally terrible the mother is. I just couldn’t deal with it..

Self-Portrait with Boy was interesting. Different than a lot of other books I’ve read before which says a lot of course but this book dragged out a bit more than I would have liked. Otherwise, it was an interesting read.

Asymmetry was the last read of this week. It was also unusual and all the reviews talk about how clever it is. I’ll admit I listened to and read this while we were in the car so my attention was split and maybe I didn’t understand its smartness. I liked the stories okay but I didn’t get the deeper part of this book.

Here’s to reading more!

Books I Read this Week 2018 is a year-long project for 2018. You can read more about my projects for 2018 here.

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