Weekly Reflection 2020 – 03

The Wildest Part of this Week was: I am going to have to go with our hike to Mission Peak on Sunday. 9miles and I was feeling good. That was definitely the wildest part.

Top Goals Review:  

  • Work: did not do any walking 1-1s. did clean email. did get some answers. and started!
  • Personal: didn’t even come close to figuring out a routine that works for me.
  • Family: did support nathaniel and david and jake.

I celebrate: Nathaniels winter culmination. It was so wonderful to see all his accomplishments.

I am grateful for: finishing my first draft.

This week, I exercised: I did uphill walking (15%) 5 days, rock climbing 2 days, and took one very long hike.

This week, I answered the Call of the WildI did a long and hard hike on Sunday. 9.2 miles to Mission Peak

I embraced Silence of the Wilderness: Sadly no journaling.

This week’s Wildcard was: Mission Peak and my good meeting at work.

I said yes to: working all Sunday to get my packet written.

I said no to: doing anything on Saturday.

Core Desired Feelings (leap, soft, release, join, delight) Check-in: Hmm. Mission Peak hike made me feel so much better. Delightful. Did not do much of the others tho.

My mood this week was: good, especially on Friday.

I am proud of: getting my MRI done.

I release: i think i am starting to release a bit

Here’s what I learned this week: i can do this.

What I love right now: I love that I am giving myself some grace.

Weekly Review 2020 is a year-long project for 2020. You can read more about my projects for 2020 here.

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