Weekly Reflection 2020 – 25

The Wildest Part of this Week was: This week had several wild parts but I guess the wildest two were having a socially distanced dinner with our friend Nate and then Nathaniel playing a socially distanced chess with my friend Kelly’s son Jake. Both in our backyard. It was really nice to see people in 3-D again even if with masks and distanced.

Top Goals Review:  i haven’t been blogging with consistency. my only goal right now is to go back to doing so regularly.

I celebrate: my kids who both did phenomenally at school this year.

I am grateful for: seeing people again for a bit.

This week, I exercised: i am up to week 7 of couch to 5K. I’ve had to move to running more slowly but I am still at it!

This week, I answered the Call of the Wildwent rock climbing with Jake and the kids. Also booked time at the gym which is opening next week!

I embraced Silence of the Wilderness: still journaling even if intermittently.

This week’s Wildcard was: well let’s say the dinner and chess were both total wildcards!

I said yes to: having friends over, walking over to Palo Alto for some take out, taking time off.

I said no to: i had downloaded this app on my ipad which was immediately a total time sink for me, something around building a town. After I fell under its spell for 2 days, I deleted it immediately.

Core Desired Feelings (leap, soft, release, join, delight) Check-in: I leapt into taking a few more chances in the real world. I am trying to soften into being kinder to myself and I joined several things this week: the dinner, a chat with my friend Evelyn and one with Leslie and one with Kelly and the chess game. I was very delighted to have friends over.

My mood this week was: lighter.

I am proud of: my kids.

I release: i have so much stress and anxiety and worry and pent up stress. I am working on releasing it all.

Here’s what I learned this week: I need more regular downtime in my life. It is really good for my soul.

What I love right now: I love that the weather is pleasant enough and that we have a backyard even if it’s a tiny one. It’s been getting a lot of use.

Weekly Review 2020 is a year-long project for 2020. You can read more about my projects for 2020 here.

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