Daily Year of Yes

Year of Yes – 8

I am still obsessively watching CNN and still full of rage and deep sorrow. And I decided that for today I will talk about something else because I can’t talk about what is going on without ranting.

A few years ago I decided to permanently stop dieting. I spent a too-large part of my life dieting and there’s incontrovertible proof that diets don’t work and they are harmful so a few years ago I decided to permanently stop trying to diet.

Walking into this year, one of the things I want to do better is the nutrition I get. I think sleep, exercise and nutrition is the trifecta that helps me feel better and live longer.

I don’t have too many bad habits but I do drink a lot of diet coke and eat chocolate too often. Instead of focusing on removing or reducing things which felt both hard and punishing at this moment, I decided to start by adding things.

I decided I wanted to add more veggies into my life. Just that for now. And I’ve gotten lost in the smoothie/protein shake world before so I am not doing that again.

Instead, I now blend half a bag of spinach, water+ice, and two oranges and one spoon of chia seeds. And then little boy and I split the drink each morning.

I can then eat whatever more breakfast I want. This is not a replacement breakfast. It’s just a guarantee that I get some greens first thing before my day gets too busy to eat well. And it tastes delicious!

Yes to adding more greens and yes to not punishing myself. Yes to being gentle with progress.


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