Daily Year of Yes – 365

Year of Yes – 365

And here we are…

Day 365.

The last hours of 2021.

This was a tough, tough year. I had some of the toughest moments of my life this year both personally and professionally. It was full of hope and despair and instability and so much unexpected change.

And it was also a year of unprecedented growth for me. I’ve had life-changing revelations and found peace and ease unlike ever before. I hope to carry this year’s gifts with me for the rest of my life.

Grateful that we all made it through this year without sickness. Yes was a fantastic word for me this year and likely one I will carry with me forever. It will sit alongside my favorites like brave and magic.

Thank you 2021, you are now complete.


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Daily Year of Yes – 364

Year of Yes – 364


And that’s the end of climbing season for 2021. We finished in style and closed down the gym. We were the last people there for the last 45 minutes. We both had a good night. I climbed two stem 11bs. I will call that a win.

I also did a lot of journaling today and finished my book and wrote reviews and did some planning for 2022. So net net it was a really productive day and still felt restful.

Yes to good days.

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Daily Year of Yes – 363

Year of Yes – 363

Days are passing by and I am no longer crossing things off my list. Just being here and trying slow down time as much as humanly possible.

Two more days in 2021. I will not be sad to bid 2021 farewell. It was a tough tough year for me but it also came with a lot of growth and transformation. And we’re walking into another year of unknowns so that’s not delightful.

Alas we’re here now and we are safe and healthy and warm so far. I’ll take it.

Yes to being in the present moment.

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Daily Year of Yes – 362

Year of Yes – 362


One of my favorite things to do during this week is to dream up plans for next year. I know that some people feel fenced in by plans, not me. I love having plans, routines, goals. They energize me. They keep my days organized.

All of my goals might get accomplished or some might, it still gives me joy to sit here and dream them up.

Yes to dreaming up adventures.

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Daily Year of Yes – 361

Year of Yes – 361


Another day of climbing in the bag. I had a good session today and in grateful for all that my body can do. I’m so much stronger than I was in my 20s and 30s.

Enjoying this quiet time between the end of this year and the beginning of the next one.

Yes to the quiet.

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Daily Year of Yes – 360

Year of Yes – 360


I think I might have bought two things from an Instagram ad ever and two things from Kickstarter ever and this puzzle has the unique honor of being both.

I saw this ad about a puzzle called, @oddpieces.co, that comes with a comic book and you read the story and then put together the puzzle which isn’t exactly same as the picture that comes with it.

So then you make to puzzle to see how the story turns out. And then there’s another comic to read.

I thought it was a sweet and clever idea and I love making puzzles. So I ordered them. Months ago. They came just in time for the holidays and they are beautiful and high quality.

I don’t know them, this is not an ad. Just excited about taking a chance and getting lucky. And having some fun puzzles to put together.

Yes to taking chances.

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Daily Year of Yes – 359

Year of Yes – 359


We made it through another Christmas and both of the kids liked their presents. I call this a giant win. They’ve been playing in the other room together most of the day while we play in this room. Videogames for everyone.

Grateful for togetherness and happy teenagers and for getting to celebrate another holiday.

Yes to merry.

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Daily Year of Yes – 358

Year of Yes – 358


Happy Merry Christmas Eve.

The kids opened their Christmas Eve presents. ( I get them both the same present for Xmas Eve ) and the table is set. Now we relax and watch a movie.

Whenever you are, I hope you’re having a magical holiday season. I hope you are warm and safe and loved.

Yes to celebrating.

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Daily Year of Yes – 357

Year of Yes – 357


Feeling full today. Got the big boy boosted, went climbing, and went to see the matrix.

Excited about Christmas Eve.

Yes to the holiday season.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 356

Year of Yes – 356


There are a single digit number of days left in this year.

I am not sure how I feel about this year coming to a close. I am finally starting to hit that part of vacation where I start to slow down and I am savoring all of the moments here.

I hope each day goes slowly.

Yes to savoring.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 355

Year of Yes – 355


I woke up this morning at 3am and could not go back to sleep. My muscles are very sore likely from exercising too much.

So I came downstairs and rested for a while and went back to bed at 6am and woke again around 9am. This sort of discombobulated my whole day of course.

I also took it as a sign from the universe that it was time to rest.

So I checked off no items today. I just rested instead.

Yes to rest.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 354

Year of Yes – 354


I have such a long todo list this week and every time I check off an item, I am adding two. None of the items are muat-do of course but I keep thinking I should do all these things because it’s vacation.

So I wake and all day I am counting down my list and stressing that the day is passing.

Which is all stupid and definitely not the point of vacation.

So from here on out the goal is to do one thing a day. I check one item off and I’m good.

Yes to pacing myself and to actually enjoying vacation.

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