100 Days of Radical Wellness – 19

100 Days of Radical Wellness – Day 19

Part of what I want to work on during this journey with radical wellness is small tweaks that could lead into lifetime routines.

I don’t believe that big changes that take a lot of energy to maintain are often sustainable. But small changes can be.

I might not be able to meditate for 30 mins but I can do it for 5 mins while still in bed every morning.

I might not be able to eat only healthy food but can I make a rule where I have to eat something healthy first? And then whatever I want?

I might not be able to do a 30-min exercise class daily, but can I stack 3 10-min classes throughout the day?

Can I write.one paragraph of journaling? Can I go to bed 15 mins earlier? Can I reconnect with one friend a month?

What are small or tiny steps I can take to shift behavior slightly and still make strides in my wellness journey?

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