Daily Diary – April 18 2010

A shot from San Fran from yesterday’s trip.

Today was not a good photo day. I was in such a funk that I did not feel inspired to take photos.

But of course I took a few anyway.

He’s almost one. My year of taking daily photos of him is going to come to an end. And then what do I do? I think I will focus on both kids more. David’s been a bit neglected (photographically) this year and I want to capture him more often, too. Knowing me I will likely create a schedule to ensure I capture each kid at least weekly or something like that.

Feeling sleepy. Haven’t I been saying that every day this week? It feels like I’ve dragged down and can’t get up. I will need some sort of jolt of adrenaline. Got any?

I will sadly admit I didn’t touch my art journal this weekend. Nor did I read more than 3 pages. Ugh. Here’s to hoping the week is more productive than the weekend was.

Note to Self:
I am not exactly sure why I am in such a funk lately. I feel unproductive, disinterested, tired, and too overwhelmed to be productive. Days are passing uneventfully and that’s inspiring me even less making the frustrating day even more unbearable. I hate it when I go to this place where nothing at all is inspiring or motivating me. But I still fight it and don’t sleep (like I should) and don’t play (like I should) and instead I lie on the couch, sulk, and make everyone else suffer.

I was just listening to a book which talked about how your attitude is in your control and how you can choose to be positive. Which I wholeheartedly believe. At the same time, I can’t seem to get myself out of this funk. I’ve listened to music, I’ve gone outside, I’ve watched movies. I haven’t done some art so I am off to do that now but not much seems to be working….

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. Nathaniel took his very first step today. It was for a split second and if I had blinked I would have missed it. But I didn’t and it was a moment of pure pure joy for me. I am so grateful I got to see it. I know soon he’ll be walking and it will be no big deal but it is to me.
2. I am grateful that so many people share their talents online. I am so inspired by so many artists and I am so grateful for blogs and for getting to see everyone’s art so readily. What an amazing luxury!
3. I am grateful that my kids go to bed so early. I really need the quiet time tonight and I think I will actually head to bed soon, too.

Two Things David’s Grateful For:
1. He got to play a tiny bit mor Wii today and that was a major highlight.
2. He’s been obsessively playing with his legos lately and it’s really most of what he does all day and he loves loves the little lego men.

2 comments to Daily Diary – April 18 2010

  • Charmaine

    He looks too sweet with the jeans!!!!!! Looks like a little big boy…..

    Its always niceto read your blog and see all your creative stuff!!!!! I love your layouts!

  • Pat P

    Hi Karen,

    You are allowed to have a slump my dear! Goodness, you’ve had a lot going on lately– I was totally low energy this weekend too, but that happens to all of us sometimes. It’s OK. Please stop “should-ing” on yourself. Whatever needs to get done will get done in its own good time. Have a good day, and please be kind to yourself.

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