Crafting with David – Tiny Book

When I saw this tiny book tutorial Lori linked to, I knew it was something David and I could do together.

We gathered our supplies. David’s favorite color is green right now so he picked a bunch of green.

We cut them all up.

glued to the paper.

And then made our book.

David punched out a bunch of birds.

and glued all of his treasures.

We added some more accents and then I gave him a sheet of letter stickers and he’s having a ton of fun with them.

Here’s what he wrote.

And here he is with his book.

An hour later he’s still adding to it and playing with it. That’s what I call a good craft project.

6 comments to Crafting with David – Tiny Book

  • Monika Wright

    Our family likes to craft, too. The 18-year old still sits down with me and the girls, sometimes. BTW-David is going to be a heartbreaker, intelligence and those killer blue eyes!

    • karenika

      how cool is it that your teenager sits with the girls. I love that! Yes, those eyes are amazing aren’t they? And he’s such a nice boy. I hope he stays that way 🙂

  • Cheryl

    Did he write out the word “Lego” in his book?

  • I often use that folding technique to make a book out of one piece of paper but had never thought to stick on a range of papers – will try it. I’ve made this book at several events with people of different ages and backgrounds and everyone loves it. David’s book looks great.

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