52 Things – Draw everyday for a week

Here’s what I tackled this week:

9. Draw everyday for a week

For as long I can remember, I wished I could draw well. I still do. Watching people draw, this ability seems magical to me. Truly magical. I know it takes practice and time but I truly believe that some people have more inherent talent for it than others. Maybe it’s just a natural ability to see shadows and shapes and lines but either way.

I took a Paulette’s portrait class two years ago and even made a painting (two actually) but I have recently been a huge huge fan of Pam Carriker and when I saw that she was offering portrait lessons, I wanted to take it.

I told myself that I wasn’t going to paint until I practiced the drawing for a while first. So I decided to draw a face each night and here’s what I made:

The sad thing is that I don’t see any improvement from day to day. None at all. And some days, I regressed quite a bit.

But I need to practice a lot more. I think I should draw 100 faces and see if it gets better then. Maybe that will be my next project. Not a bad idea….

In the meantime, I plan to start the rest of her lessons today. The painting ones. I just went and bought my angular brushes yesterday and I am looking forward to playing with paint later today.

12 comments to 52 Things – Draw everyday for a week

  • Jan

    I love the one from 5-3. She looks as though she is thoughtful and kind but a no nonsense kind of gal. Maybe a teacher or a nurse.

  • Cheryl

    The eyes! They’re haunting. I looked at the pix this afternoon and all I can think about as I’m doing other stuff are the eyes. Not just the windows to the soul. There’s something about the eyes. Amazing!

  • Shannon

    I think the top one is amazing. And the eyes are really good but to help you you could do with making the eyes more equal.
    I love to draw faces and portraits, i think it’s fun to give people different personaliys through art πŸ™‚

  • Toni

    The first one is the best. i found it so good that i sat and copied it. Im not that good at drawing a picture from memory but if something is in front of me that i can see i can draw it. And mine looks exactly like yours:) im bzzing! lol

  • Emma

    They are really good, but what you should look at is where everything is compared to each other, maybe you could use a guide line, like draw an oval, put a faint line in the middle, then another one in the middle of the bottom half, then another line in the bottom section, then each line wuld be eyes, nose and mouth, your eyes shuld be in line with ears, and are you meant to connect your nose to the eyebrow, ? And try and make things look moree realistic, as in not harsh lines around each detail – and a must, concentrate on shading, it finishes the whole 3d effect, hope this helps at all, but keep looking at people and focus on details – wish you the very best, looking really good so far xxx

  • Hannah

    I love the first one! I actually really love your drawings because they are not perfect, but they have a certain style to them. I really like the shading you do, and although they are not entirely realistic, I also love the distinctness between the hair and the face, especially in the first one. The long necks look amazing and again add to that style you seem to have in these faces. My first thought when looking at these was that I could imagine you illustrating cards, like you see in gift shops πŸ™‚ Keep drawing, you have talent. xx

  • Jason

    1st one is probably the best

  • I loved the drawings,I have also dreamed of drawing it is truely a gift from God.My eldest brother could draw just from remembering. I remember sneaking up to his room just to look at his drawings of our nieghbors,strangers,naked bodies.Really he was to me….amazing

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