Crafting with David – Building for Lego Men

I’d like to say this amazing marketplace inspired us but really our project this week is so terrible that I cannot even remotely compare it to this incredible project.

I am really not good at doing these projects without detailed instructions and we’ve been running behind a bit so we didn’t have a lot of time this week to do it. But he really wanted to do this one. So we did it. We opened up some windows, made some floors.

We then cut up paper to cover it with.

I only had sparkly modge podge so it’s super-sparkly. And I am so not proud of it and almost didn’t even post it.

But David’s delighted and thrilled and loves it. He’s already put his men on it and they’re wearing parachutes so if they fall off, they don’t get hurt.

Amazing what a little cardboard can do when embellished with a child’s imagination.

4 comments to Crafting with David – Building for Lego Men

  • Cody Schaffner

    What an amazing project! I’d like to take some credit for this, but it’s all you combined with David’s creativity!!! I love that you give him materials to use in an open ended way…p.s. I can’t even tell that the modge podge is super sparkly.

    • karenika

      you can take tons of credit for instilling the love of crafting and playing, and not making him feel like it wasn’t a boy thing to do. you’re the best teacher ever!

  • I think it is great, happy times spent creating and then even more spent playing…with the photos to prove it.
    Thanks for deciding to share it.

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