Daily Year of Yes – 97

Year of Yes – 97

Today’s #aepiecesofus prompt is “face forward” I suppose I could have saved this for tomorrow since it’s also eyes closed and this photo was not taken today but I wanted to use this because this project is about the stories.

I love this photo because I am laughing. I usually don’t think of myself as a happy person and can definitely spend more time with anxiety or sadness than average. And yet it’s just that I feel all the feelings big. I can feel deep sadness and also great joy. I love laughing with my people. I love loving my people.

And this photo is a reminder of how easy it is to make me laugh.

Yes to laughter and yes to joy and yes to feeling all the feelings.

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Daily Year of Yes – 96

Year of Yes – 96

Today’s #aepiecesofus prompt is “hands” and it was the perfect prompt for celebrating a small win with the journaling.

Since I couldn’t get into the journaling routine for months now, I decided to try a new trick. When I am done with exercise and finally sit at my desk, I set my timer to 5 minutes and journal as much as I can in that time. No pressure to go longer and realistically I almost always have five minutes.

I’ve been able to journal all week so far.

This is the same way I’ve been exercising. 10 minutes of core, 10 minutes of stretching, 10 minutes of arms, 10 minutes of biking and 10 minutes of restorative yoga. 5 minutes of meditation and now 5 minutes of journaling.

It’s been such a gift.

Yes to journaling more. Yes to finding ways to make it work.

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Daily Year of Yes – 95

Year of Yes – 95

Today is the first day of #aepiecesofus and the first prompt is feet, so I thought about the four places my feet are happiest.

Biking more so I can get stronger.

Climbing more to both get stronger and to connect with my husband.

Taking baths to relax and be present and soak my feet so they can recover.

And spending time outside in the yard, barefoot so I can feel the earth and the grass and live in the sunshine.

So grateful for all of these places, opportunities and so grateful for my feet that enable all of these.

Yes to living life to the fullest. Yes to getting stronger and being present.

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Daily Year of Yes – 94

Year of Yes – 94

There are no words for how happy the ranunculus make me.

It’s always hard to wind down on Sunday nights. I find it takes me hours to get to a place where I feel excited to do things on Sunday so then I am on a roll and don’t want to stop when it gets late.

Today I spent a lot of time journaling and a lot of time scrapbooking. It was lovely to get to play with paper and tell stories and think about life.

I am grateful for a good weekend and still anxious about starting this coming week as I am most Sunday nights.

So instead of reading, I will do ten minutes of restorative yoga so I can quiet my mind.

Yes to slowing down. Yes to being present with it. Yes to yoga.

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Daily Year of Yes – 93

Year of Yes – 93

Today was a lovely day of connection. I got to chat with my mom, my friend Evelyn and my friend Leslie and I got to go climbing with my husband.

So grateful for internet and telephones and zoom and whatsapp and facetime and all other ways to connect with people I love.

It really makes all this a million times more bearable.

Yes to finding ways to connect anyway.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 92

Year of Yes – 92

Today my husband took us to this little know gem of a place and we got to walk around and enjoy the fresh air and see art that is built on nature and into nature. It was quite magical. Even though it was a 45-minute drive from home it felt light-years away from any city.

It was a good reminder that I don’t have to travel far to be in a completely different environment. And that I don’t have to travel far to be in a completely different mindset either.

I didn’t want to go today. In fact I didn’t want to do anything. It took a lot of energy to get out of bed this morning let alone to leave the house. But, as always, I am sitting here and feeling grateful that I went.

And maybe one day I can be better about yielding to whim too.

Yes to nature, yes to saying yes. Yes to doing it anyway.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 91

Year of Yes – 91

Happy Thursday.

I am finding that I randomly stress about upcoming things that are not currently under my control like whether I will be able to find a slot to get vaccinated or things that I need to do but can’t get motivated to get done. Like finding someone to paint our house or renewing my license.

So instead I will list some things I am looking forward to:

– Climbing competition season is starting soon and I really love watching bouldering competitions so I am really looking forward to that in two weeks

– The kids have spring break in a week. I am trying to decide if we go.on vacation but plan to take time off either way. Looking forward to that.

– It’s been 70-80 here all week, really looking forward to spending more time outside in the fresh air.

That’s my current list. It’s making me feel better about what is and helping me focus on the now.

Yes to embracing what is. Yes to sunshine and time together.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 90

Year of Yes – 90

How are we already 90 days into 2021??

I have not been leaving the house enough this week and thus not enjoying enough of the sunshine that California is lucky to have this week.

Tomorrow I will make a point to go outside.

I still can’t really think of anything pithy to say. The days have been really tiring here and by the time it’s 7pm, I feel completely spent.

Looking forward to saying goodbye to March which is historically one of my least favorite months. And looking forward to April which promises to bring in a lot of change and celebration and maybe just maybe if we’re lucky, some vaccination.

I’m really hoping April proves to be an excellent month. Saying yes to April and what it might bring. Yes to what is.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 89

Year of Yes – 89

Today went by in a blur.

Now I am spent and ready to go to sleep.

I can’t even think of anything even remotely pithy so tonight I will say yes to an early bedtime and some rest for my tired brain.


#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 88

Year of Yes – 88

Before the pandemic came, Jake would take me climbing and I would do 2-3 routes and I was ready to go home. 45 minutes was plenty for me.

This past Saturday, we had an appointment from 6-8pm in San Francisco. We got there 5:58pm so we were the first people in.

We left 8:02pm. We were the last people out.

I took this shot on our way out. This is what they do to the ropes at the end of the night to put things away. And it was a symbolic moment for me as I realized that I could have easily gone another hour. I was having a lot of fun and I felt like I still had some strength left in me.

It’s not often I can see progress. Even as I’ve been climbing harder routes, I didn’t realize that my stamina was also improving until that moment.

Earlier this week j had a similar experience while doing my 10-minute core class. There was a move i couldn’t do at all and then suddenly I could do it. I have no idea what changed but I am so grateful.

Side note: I know my climbing posts might be getting tiring but….my kids are now older and prefer not to be photographed, I work 70% of my awake time, the rest of the time I’m either reading or climbing. It’s pretty much the only place I go if I am leaving the house. Once I get my shots I am excited to post photos that aren’t climbing or flowers. But that still appears to be at least two months away.

Yes to getting stronger and yes to increasing the my stamina. Yes to leaving it all on the gym floor. And yes to paying attention.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 87

Year of Yes – 87

Grateful for another day spent laughing with my boys.

Grateful for being able to get ranunculus at trader Joe’s despite missing the farmers market this morning.

Grateful for a meal out with my wonderful husband.

Grateful for good books.

Grateful for showing up and moving my body even when I don’t want to.

Grateful for sunshine and birds.

Yes to gratitude. Yes to noticing the small things because the small, ordinary things are what matter most in the end.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes

Daily Year of Yes – 86

Year of Yes – 86

Loving the backyard. Grateful for warm weather and slow days.

This morning I’ve started a slightly different routine, we’ll see if it sticks. I’ve also spent the whole day reading a book from beginning to end.

Now off to climbing.

Yes to quiet Saturdays and long weekends.

#yearofyes #karenikayearofyes