Happie Joy Joy

I don’t have much to say today. Or at least I am not in the mood to say it so I thought I should point you to Oso’s thought-provoking post on happiness. It’s worth the read.

I commented that I tend to be less happy when I’m free and he replied that he does that, too, but it’s mostly due to avoidance. I agree with him partially. Sometimes there is a genuine issue brewing under and in that case it’s really a bad idea to avoid it and repress it down further so it’s harder to recall next time. Some stuff gets represed so much that we don’t even know it’s there anymore. That’s bed news cause it is bound to come up eventually and it’s not a pretty picture when it does.

Having said that, I do think that sometimes it’s best not to have too much time to think. There are times when I have nothing better to do and so will take a small thing and blow it right out of proportion. I will spend a huge amount of energy stressing about it and I will make myself miserable. All this not because the issue really warrants being sad, but because I have too much time on my hands. How pathetic is that?

The good news is, once the baby comes, too much free time won’t be a phrase I can utter until the baby is in college.

2 comments to Happie Joy Joy

  • oso

    I really like that photo a lot. Today there were literally at least 30 dolphins swimming back and forth between LJ Shores and the Cove. We really are lucky to live here.

  • Cheryl

    Ya think?

    They told me I was only responsible for him until he was 18. Well, that’s long gone. He’s in college and I still ain’t got no time!

    Sweetie, time is a four-letter word. Enjoy it now, it don’t exist later! And it don’t ever come back.

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