Weekly Art Journal – Where The Peace Is

Today’s page was week six’s part 1 homework for the Soul Restoration class. I thought of doing them all together as one post but then I decided if I did each separately, I would take more time to focus on each so I decided to do that. Here’s the first one:

When I saw this exercise, I thought it was powerful-looking and that it would be easy. I didn’t think as much about how it might make me feel. I didn’t think it would be that strong because it was more of a “cut the words out and glue them on this photo” kind of assignment.

But, alas, I was wrong.

This exercise, as with the others, proved to be very very powerful. Just the act of cutting each word up and glueing them down one by one left me more impacted than I imagined. Glueing each of the “black” words made me sadder and sadder. I felt heavier and it took forever to finish the sections. I could almost feel each word taking its toll on me.

Then I did the white words and it went so much faster. I felt happier, lighter, and like a weight was lifted off of me.

I know it sounds corny but I really felt it. After I’d glued all my words down, I was left with a few words and a lot of space. The leftover words didn’t speak to me and I knew they wouldn’t fill the space anyway so I decided, instead, to put the blue tissue paper to make it seem more like the sky. And then I added my house which was red because I wanted it to stand out. I put the word “be” on it to remind myself to just be who I am. And a heart to remind myself that I am loved and that I need to love myself just the way I am.

Then to keep the feeling of light that the white words brought, I added the line “I will go where the peace is…in my heart and in my life.” I think this is the biggest lesson for me. The peaceful and happy words make me feel light and happy and I need to make a point to focus on them more. To remember to go where the good is. Where the peace is. Where all these wonderfully happy words take me. Where I feel unburdened, light, happy and at peace.

Because, there, I can be my best. I can be kind and loving to others and kind and loving to myself.

Weekly Art Journal is a weekly project for 2011. You can read more about it here.

9 comments to Weekly Art Journal – Where The Peace Is

  • Wow, I can see your point. Just reading your black words makes you sad! I call that my bad voice and try to really stop listening to it and listen to the good voice in my head. Love how you created the white(good) walk way to your home and heart. Dramatic effect!

    I so wanted to take that class, just was a bad time. Maybe next time!

  • BARB T

    I am so moved by your lo. I actually wrote a comment and then did not submit because I am so energized to move forward I forgot to click the submit space. LOL I hope to keep the vision of your lo in my brain today and in the future. Today I am walking along your path that leads to your house and beyond. These are the words that have sparked some energy in me to quickly finish up the morning tasks and spend the day creating. Thank you. I am now walking away from my computer.

  • Donna C

    It’s amazing how much impact words can have. Haven’t done week 6 yet, but I am aware that I need to keep myself surrounded by positive words and thoughts. Love how you personalized this page.

  • I hear so many of the black words in my head, but I want to hear the white ones. thank you for sharing.

    • karenika

      cate, i do too, and i don’t know if this might help but i think i will make a bigger version of this and put it up in my room. i think looking at the good words day after day will help.

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