A Book a Week – The Lincoln Lawyer

I also read The Lincoln Lawyer because I thought I might like to go see the movie. While I enjoyed the first two thirds of the book, I thought the ending fell flat, for me. I somehow expected more. I am not sure why. I did like the characters and the story. I haven’t read a law/thriller in a long time and maybe that’s why I just didn’t get into it as much as I would have liked.

I couldn’t even decide if it was worth going to see the movie.

I know this is one of a series so maybe I will read one more another time. Though I am not very temped right now. All in all, it really was an okay read and if it’s a genre you like, I do recommend it.

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  • amy

    I just saw the movie on an airplane flight last week and I thought it was pretty decent. So…if you are ever in the mood for a decent rental…this might be a good option 🙂 I also liked Unknown with Liam Nieson!

  • jesa

    Please do share if you see movie. I would be curious to knowv how you compare the book to the movie. I personally enjoyed the movie.

  • Carrie K

    I think the movie was great! definitely recommend…great acting and matthew is never hard on the eyes 😉

  • Diane Marra

    I am reading Randy Singer- Christian lawyer turned writer. Legal Thrillers, done very well. Very good books, highly recommend them. I rarely see movies at the theatre, they are not worth the time ususally.

  • I didn’t love the book, but I do love the authors Harry Bosch series. If you plan on reading more, I’d start with the first one of those & then work your way through. They end up intersecting & it is a pretty good series. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but plan on renting it.

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