Daily Diary – July 12 2011

Today was back to work and it actually felt good to be getting some work done. I ‘ve been slacking a bit in some of my other todo lists but I just need to sit and make a plan. My little art journal that I was working on daily is finished and I need to make a plan for a new art journal. My weeklong one has some new pages painted, too. Alas, I’ve been resting. Or maybe procrastinating a bit…

Nathaniel’s been enjoying the big trucks.

He couldn’t figure out why this one won’t hold the cars up. (we have a dump truck too and that one does so he got confused.)

David loves it, too.

They filled it all up with cars.

Then as David and I read his book, Nathaniel read by himself, too.

I wanted to get one more shot of David but couldn’t get anything good and I was feeling too lazy to move him to good light. So this is what I got.

Then everyone got to do their work. We took our walk of course and made a schedule for David’s rest-of-summer so he doesn’t have to keep asking me what to do next and so he can’t spend too much time with the computer or TV. Play is most of his day but he also has to work a bit and do some reading, writing, and math each day. Just a little to keep the brain cells alive.

I need to spend some time making my own plans tonight. And a little time playing catch up. Then tomorrow I get to work again which I am actually looking forward to again.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful I get to start a new art journal and explore some new ideas.
2. I am grateful for my parents and our frequent Skype chats. Some of my favorite moments of my day.
3. I am grateful that we made a schedule for David, it will help me, as well.

Three Things David’s Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that I played with my train set. {* his pick for the journal}
2. I am grateful that I played with Woody’s Roundup Lego.
3. I am grateful that we ordered an alien lego set.

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