A Book a Week – Looking for Alaska

My friend Kathy recommended Looking for Alaska. And I am so glad she did.

Whomever says Young Adult novels aren’t as pithy as mainstream fiction is completely wrong. I still think I love these novels because that’s the period of my life most rife with angst and overflowing emotion, etc. And that’s why I love the characters in these too. Cause so are theirs. Everything is a huge deal. But that period of your life is also full of so much promise. So much indestructibility. So much possibility. Also so much despair. Lack of hope. Loneliness. Being misunderstood or not understood.

Alas, it’s a turbulent time.

Which, to me, makes for wonderful stories. Especially when written so well. I love stories that are deep, meaningful and make you ponder and smile with deep gratitude and acknowledgement. And that’s how this was for me.

I loved this story.

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  • Personally I think YA is attracting many of the best writers right now! I dislike how people tend to scoff at adult readers who dig into YA books. Sure…some of them ARE cheesy, but there are some really, really good ones. I liked this one a lot, too!

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