Daily Diary – September 21 2011

It’s getting harder and harder to take photos of the little boy. When the camera comes out he runs in the opposite direction (while laughing at me.) But I’ve found two things that work.

One is taking a shot while he’s not looking:

the other is taking a shot of his brother instead:

then he gets really jealous and makes a sad face:

and I have his attention.

at least for a few minutes.

here he is showing me the stickers he got from the doctor.

and his brother writing his gratitude journal.

The boys had their flu shots today and Jake tells me neither cried. yey for that! I am still working my back off and having ups and downs all day. But still journaling and sketching and taking some art time. I generally do them early morning (6am-7am) or late night (7pm-9pm) but I am working on it. Tonight is back to school night for Nathaniel so I am off to that in just a few minutes.

Three Things I’m Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that Jake took the kids for their shots. I was so worried and so busy but of course he stepped up and was awesome. He so often is.
2. I am grateful that things might be getting better at work.
3. I am grateful that I felt some of my peace coming back in this morning, let’s hope it’s here to stay.

Three Things David’s Grateful For:
1. I am grateful that I got a sticker at the doctor’s. * {his pick for the journal}
2. I am grateful that I played which number will win at school.
3. I am grateful that I played Galaxy of Heroes on the computer.

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